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Max the Mutt’s 2016 ROM Visit

Every year Tina Seemann takes animal drawing classes to draw at the ROM. Here is her write up of this year’s visit:

Earlier this month, we were pleased to be welcomed once again to the back rooms of the ROM where Dr. Mark Peck, head of Ornithology gave MTM students a tour.
Of course, every museum has only a small portion of their collections on display, the rest the public never sees!
But some 400,000 birds in the drawers aren’t just sitting there- they are a treasure trove of scientific information for scientists, researchers and artists.
Mark told everyone that as citizens of Ontario,  the ROM is ‘ their museum’ and as such, they can return to do research drawings in future.
Even better, sitting in a lab room to draw the skeletons and the stuffed specimens is certainly easier than being out trying to draw amid the visiting schoolchildren ! Dr.Peck asked each student what his or her favourite bird is, and, to their delight, brought each a specimen to draw.
Many thanks again to Mark Peck and Karl Gad at the ROM for having us !