• Maxine Schacker


    Founder and Director of Max the Mutt, is an artist who has exhibited in Montreal, Toronto and New York. She studied with Robert Beverly Hale, world famous Instructor of Drawing and Anatomy at the Art Students League of New York. She has taught painting, life drawing and anatomy for the Illustration and Animation programs at Sheridan College, and the Bell Centre for Creative Communication at Centennial College.

  • Tina Seemann

    Animation Director

    TINA SEEMANN is a cartoonist and character designer whose work has appeared on many of TV Ontario’s children’s shows of the past. Tina designed the “Max the Mutt” mascot, as well as the characters for the proposed Max the Mutt Animation feature production, The Jazz Bears. She is currently working on a children’s book. Classically trained in animation, Tina has taught animation at Sheridan College and the Bell Centre for Creative Communication and is director and co-ordinator of the Animation Diploma program.

  • Kent Burles

    Ilustration for Sequential Arts Program Co-ordinator/instructor

    KENT BURLES is an illustrator whose love of the comic and fantasy genres led him into the comic and role-playing game industries. He worked with Malibu Comics on creating a series of Planet of the Apes comic books, as well as a series called The Adventurers. He has also worked on many role playing games by Fasa, Steve Jackson, White Wolf, and recently on Anvil Galaxy and Rifts for Palladium Books. Kent is Max the Mutt’s Coordinator for the Illustration for Sequential Arts Diploma Program.

  • Dave Ross


    DAVE ROSS has drawn and written for Marvel Comics and DC Comics on Captain America, Spiderman, Batgirl, Star Trek, Daredevil, Birds of Prey and JLA: Act of God, among many other projects. He was also an artist for the Rai series at Valiant Comics, and has worked as a concept designer and layout artist for animation. One of the founders of MTM’s Illustration for Sequential Arts Diploma Program, he works with Kent Burles to review and fine tune the program and develop curriculum.

  • Jonathan Standing

    Concept Art for Animation & Video Games, Co-ordinator, Instructor

    Advanced Environment Design & Painting in Photoshop; Advanced Prop Design; Final Project; Portfolio Development

    JONATHAN STANDING is a Concept Artist with over ten years of experience in Illustration, Graphic Art and Concept Art in Games. His specialties include character design, rotations, production drawings, background paintings, narrative paintings, cinematic storyboards, and gameplay storyboards. While working at Silicon Knights he contributed designs, storyboards and 2D production art to prototypes for numerous AAA games. He has experience working as a freelance artist as well as working seamlessly in-house as part of a larger Art Dept. With Roksolana Tchotchieva, he will coordinate the Concept Art Diploma Program, and supervise 4th year students.

  • Roksolana Tchotchieva

    Concept Art for Animation & Video Games Co-ordinator, Instructor

    ROKSOLANA TCHOTCHIEVA is a fine artist who was trained at the V.I. Surikov State Academic Institute of Fine Arts in Moscow, where she studied for seven years. She is currently an exhibiting fine artist, and at Max the Mutt, in addition to being one of the coordinators for the Concept Art Diploma Program, is in charge of overseeing all painting courses.

  • Sam Agro


    SAM AGRO is a storyboard artist, writer, and illustrator working in the animation, live action, and comic book industries. Animation storyboard credits include Henry’s World, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The Ripping Friends. Live action storyboard credits include Fly Away Home, Murder at 1600, and several installments of the SAW horror movie franchise. As a writer Sam’s work includes Polka Dot Shorts, Elliot the Moose, and several stories for DC Comics Looney Tunes and CN Block Party comics. Sam also writes and draws comics for several independent publishers, and is active in the Toronto improv and sketch comedy community.

  • Greg Beettam


    GREG BEETTAM is a veteran Comic Book/ Graphic Novel artist, freelance Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Writer and Visual Storytelling Expert, with 20+ years experience. In addition to his work in comics, graphic novels and cartooning, he has worked in advertising as a concept artist, specializing in storyboards, story development, scriptwriting, and presentation design.

  • Scott Cameron


    SCOTT CAMERON has been an illustrator since he completed OCA in 1984. He was a background painter for Disney Canada. As an illustrator he has numerous credits including magazine covers and children’s books. He was nominated for a Governor General’s Award for Illustration for his work on Beethoven Lives Upstairs.

  • Meaghan Carter


    MEAGHAN CARTER is a comic book artist and member of Toronto’s Comic Book Embassy. She has webcomic, and will be featured at this year’s Toronto Fan Expo. Meg is a graduate of Max the Mutt’s Illustration for Sequential Arts Diploma program.

  • Rob Corbett


    ROB CORBETT has been teaching acting and story for animation since he ran acting workshops for Walt Disney Studios in 1997. He has an MFA in Creative Writing and is an award-winning screenwriter; his plays have been presented in Toronto, New York and numerous centres around Ontario. Rob teaches acting for the animation departments at Max the Mutt, Seneca and Sheridan College.

  • Rich Dannys


    RICH DANNYS is an animation veteran who specializes in layout. and design. He’s worked on many series for TV at top Toronto animation companies such as Elliott Animation., Corus Nelvana, Red Rover.

  • Tim Deacon


    TIM DEACON is an award winning and emmy nominated artist.Tim is an animation veteran with years of experience in all aspects of animation production, as both a creative and managerial leader. He has excelled in his many roles as storyboard artist, designer, layout artist, and as a director for series for television , and for feature films. He is currently running his own company, 2309 Productions, and has also assisted Smashing Animation, a new animation company currently starting up as a branch of Smashing Pictures.

  • Keith Fukumoto


    KEITH FUKUMOTO is a graduate of Max the Mutt’s Classical & Computerl Animation Program. Since graduating in 2006, he has been busy animating, designing and rigging at studios such as FatKat Animation ( where he also was an animation director), Smiley Guy Studios, Solis Animation and Big Jump. He was animation lead at Vast Studios, where he also did storyboards, produced animatics, and instructed junior animators. Keith is currently animating for Guru Studios.

  • Mike Gagnon


    MIKE GAGNON is an artist and writer, who works mostly in the comic book industry. His studio, Hammer Comics, is based in Hamilton Ontario. His work has been published worldwide by companies such as Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Jack Lake Productions (Classics Illustrated), and many small press publications.

  • Jose Gascon


    JOSE GASCON began his animation career at D’Ocón Film Productions, one of Spain’s largest animation companies. In 1997 he joined the staff of Animation Enterprises Hong Kong Ltd. and Agogo Corporation working as Art Director and Animation Supervisor. Since his move to Toronto he has worked on many popular shows (“The Pocket Dragons”, and “The Mole Sisters.”) and feature films (“The Fairy Oak”, “Winnetoons: Going to the West”, “The Black Cat”, and “Yoko Tzuno Me”). Jose is also a certified ToonBoom instructor.

  • Kartik Hariharan


    KARTIK HARIHARAN is a 3D technical artist who, in addition to his animation knowledge, has a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science. He has worked as a developer/lead technical artist at Bitebank Media and is presently an Assitant technical Director at ARC Productions.

  • David Huynh


    DAVID HUYNH, a graduate of Max the Mutt, is currently 3D technical Director for Corus/Nelvana in Toronto. In addition to advanced technical aspects of Maya, including rigging and modelling, David works with year 4 students students on all technical aspects of the group film.

  • Vladan Ignjatovic


    VLADAN IGNJATOVIC has worked as a colour key designer and background supervisor, senior designer, illustrator, and background painter for Corus/Nelvana. He is also an established fine artist with numerous exhibitions worldwide

  • Alexander Kachkin


    ALEXANDER KACHKIN is an award winning artist with an international reputation. His work is represented in collections in Canada, USA, Germany, Russia, the UK and Japan. Before coming to Canada,in addition to his work as a painter, he was an instructor at The Kiev Art School for 10 years.

  • Megan Kearney


    MEGAN KEARNEY is an Illustrator and comic book artist who currently manages Comic Book Embassy in Toronto. Her webcomic, Beauty and The Beast can be found at http://www.batb.thecomicseries.com/. Megan studied animation, and her student film “Once Upon a Winter Wood we showcased by Dreamworks Animation. as one of the best student films of the year.

  • Rachel Khan


    RACHEL KHAN illustrates and creates concept art for indie and small-press games and fiction. She has web comics on the Weald Comics website. Rachel’s clients have included Damian Sommer Games,Untold Entertainment, Golden Gear Games, George Brown College, and New Game Makers.

  • Dimitri Kostic


    DIMITRI KOSTIC is a trained architect as well as illustrator of many children’s books. Since coming to Canada, he has worked in the animation industry and as one of the best student films of the year. He has years of experience as storyboard artist/director for Warner Bros., Nelvana, and Cuppa Coffee.

  • Keith Lee

    KEITH LEE is a concept artist and environment designer who is currently an Art Director for Guru Studios. During his years of experience in the animation industry as an environment designer, supervisor, and art director he worked for Guru, Decode Entertainment and Corus/Nelvana.

  • Jock MacRae


    JOCK MACRAE is a skilled illustrator and graphic designer. He has been an art director, has worked in advertising and has extensive experience as a children’s book illustrator, for publishers such as Kids Can Press, Nelsons, Key Porter and Bayard Press, among others. Jock is a major part of year one drawing faculty, and also teaches illustration and graphic design.

  • Steve Millard


    STEVE MILLARD started his career in animation working for Walt Disney Canada on such projects as Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas, and Peter Pan: Return to Neverland. He has also worked as a character designer for Nelvana and 9Story Animation. As a fine artist, he has exhibited drawings and paintings in Oakville and Toronto, and also teaches a popular workshop in character sculpture.

  • Jason Par


    JASON PAR is an experienced animator with both film and television credits. He is currently “Lead Animator” for Guru Studio, and previously was Lead Animator for Pipeline Studios, and for Arc Entertainment. He did his training in both Classical and 3D Animation.

  • Milian Pavlovic


    MILAN PAVLOVIC is an award-winning illustrator and graphic artist specializing in illustrations for children, advertising, animation, editorials, and comics. Milan as educated and began is career in Serbia, and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience.

  • Sasa Radosavcevic


    SASA RADOSAVCEVIC is a concept artist and designer with over 20 years of experience. At Nelvana/CORUS he was a Concept Designer and the Design Supervisor for feature projects and animated series. He was a concept artist for a 3D feature project at Toonbox Entertainment, and is now working as a background designer and layout Supervisor at 9 Story Entertainment.

  • Matt Riche


    MATT RICHE is a 3D generalist who is a rigger and 3D artist for Soho VFX. He has created photo-realistic assets for Hollywood feature films, and has also focused on rigging of characters and prop models for animation. His extended duties include tool0development and script writing. He has credits on many films.

  • Robert Rodas


    ROBERT RODAS is an MTM graduate who has worked as a 3D animator for Guru, March Entertainment, and is now animating for UbiSoft Canada. Robert is also a fine draughtsman and classical animator.

  • Ed Shawcross


    ED SHAWCROSS is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art, and an artist with many exhibitions to his credit. He has taught at Sheridan College and Dundas Valley, and is past President of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour. He is a dedicated educator, and, in addition to his own classes, oversees year one life drawing for all programs.

  • Sean Wickett


    Sean Wickett has been in the animation industry since 1999. His start was building special effects models for such things as Stargate the Series, Nick Fury: Agent of Shield, and Mimic.

  • Chris Brown


    CHRIS BROWN is a designer who is an illustrator, designer and concept artist working in film, television and print. Chris is currently a prop and character designer for Corus/Nelvana where he last worked on Bubble Guppies. Chris is a graduate of our Concept Art Diploma program.

  • Matt Mozgiel


    MATT MOZGIEL is a character, environment and prop artist who has created and pitched several of his own series ideas, one of which has been optioned by 9 Story Entertainment. Matt is  currently a designer for Portfolio Entertainment in Toronto. He attended Max the Mutt’s Animation Diploma program, and has been steadily employed in the industry since he left us in 2008.