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Max the Mutt’s First Open House At 2944 Danforth Ave: A Great Success!

Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design offers three in depth diploma programs, #Classical&ComputerAnimation&Production, #IllustrationFor SequentialArts:ComicBooks&GraphicNovels, and #ConceptArtForVideoGames&Animation. We are also  expanding our general interest workshops offerings, professional development and skills building courses testtest.

We moved to 2944 Danforth Avenue over the winter break, and held our first Open House on February 7th. It was a great day! An appearance on #CP24Breakfast on Thursday, February 5 had really spread the word!

Our Open House started with a 10AM Information Session about the college, our philosophy and our programs.  The turnout was wonderful, and included our MPP Arthur Potts, who announced to me and the audience that The Pilot Tavern in Yorkville ( he is one of the owners) is inviting us to hold a fundraising event this spring, an auction of student and faculty art work, to raise money for the school.

Following the Info session, Tina Seemann, Carla Drmay, Roksolana Tchotchieva, and Kent Burles each led a group on a tour of the school, including visiting some classes that were in session.

At noon,  following coffee, tea and doughnuts, a Panel Discussion, featuring Industry professionals began.

The panel: moderator, freelance Concept Artist, MTM year 3 & 4 coordinator, Jonathan Standing,   Concept Artist Ben Reynolds (Uken Games), animation veteran Tim Deacon (  Director and  co-owner, Smashing Animation), Adam Ghering (Legend 3D Director), Jeff Lyons (9 Story Entertainment Layout Artist), Greg Beettam  (Ilustration and Comic Book veteran).

Feedback on this event was so good that we plan to present similar events as part of future Open House days.

At 2 PM, following a lunch break, Tina Seemann offered a free cartooning workshop to another full house: more photos soon!

For more information about Max the Mutt please check our website, , or call us at 416-703-6877 (toll free 1-877- 486 MUTT), or email us at We offer personal tours and information sessions!