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Thanks to #Snapd and Frank McKinney!

March 02, 2015 By: in Art-workshops Events

Max the Mutt College Open House

“Don’t be fooled by the name–if you have a dream of being the next John Tenniel (the original illustrator of the “Alice” books), this is where you need to be. Max the Mutt College offers diplomas in Illustration for Sequential Arts, Comic books and Graphic Novels, Concept Art for Animation and Video Games and Classical & Computer Animation and Production. Looking at the quality of art work on display, there is no doubt that this is one of the most prestigious school in the country. At the school, students will meet three exceptional women who will tutor students with patience, guidance and support. There is Maxine Schacker, Max’s owner who has been an artist for over 30years, Carla Drmay, the school’s Development Director and Roksolana Tchotchieva, a Fine Arts teacher. Maxine also invited guest speakers to talk to and answer questions from those who are already illustrators and those who want to be. Now at their new home at 2499 Danforth Ave (just west of Victoria Park) this will surely be a busy school for many talented artists.

Click below to see the photos….

Photos by Frank McKinney

Our thanks to Frank McKinney for the kind words! Please note: I am not the only “owner” of Max the Mutt: I share the work with Tina Seemann and Noelle Belgrave, and originally David Schacker was also part of the team that made this a reality. In truth, it was the dedication of all the artists and animators who are part of the school , as well as the admin team, that has made this a place where people find the skills and their own voices, and create some amazing work.

I wish I knew how to get the great pics by Frank McKinney up on this post! Do click the link and take a look.