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#SequentialArtsGraduates Will Publish Before They Graduate!

News Flash:

All graduating  Illustration for Sequential Arts students at Max the Mutt  will  now have their their first professionally published credits by the time they graduate!


 Max the Mutt  is the only college in Canada offering an in depth program focused on Sequential Arts for Comic Books and Graphic Novels.  Now, with the latest addition to this program,  all graduating students will enter the industry with their first professionally published work available, kickstarting their careers in a way that no other program we know of offers.


As part of the third year Digital Media for Artists class, not only will students now  learn how to use computer technology to produce line work, colours and digital painting illustrations, they will also learn how to use computer technology to layout and design publications for print and web.  They will design and self-publish their own print and digital books, and that work will be made available worldwide  through print on demand and digital download markets such as Kindle, through


Self publishing is a vital and important step in the start of any new artist’s career, and something that many people strive for years after graduation. No other art school  we know of offers the ability to graduate with professional quality, published work in hand.


Sequential Arts - 2013 - Year3 - Digital Media

Sequential Arts – 2013 – Year3 – Digital Media

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