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Now Is The Time: Start Developing Traditional Art Skills!


I’m writing this in the hope that more people will take action to start developing real skills! Sitting back and saying you’ll just attend “art fundies” is not a solution! Most courses that teach foundations have 30 people in a class, and you can spend one, two or even three years in such a program and still not have a good grasp of visual language. This is teachable! Start learning it now!

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Nicolaides says that god is lavish with talent: there are many acorns. But what does it take  for the acorn to develop into an Oak tree? Just as students study a musical instrument, take dance classes, get coached for sports those of you who may want to pursue a career in art need to begin NOW! That acorn needs nurturing.

It takes desire, focus, small classes, good instruction, and practice. Max the Mutt offers all of this.

The best place to start developing your art skills this summer is by taking the July learn To Draw program, open to all, at Max the Mutt. Now is the time to find out if you like drawing in a class setting everyday! Now is the time to start developing work that may be used when you need to develop portfolios for university or college applications!

I suggest the full program, but you can enrol in parts: Life Drawing every day for 2 weeks, or 4 weeks; 2 weeks of structural drawing;  2 weeks of  learning, through the use of still life setups, the basics of  composing and rendering a still life drawing.

When you understand process, and link it to feeling and sense of touch, the outcomes are surprising.

The tuition for this program is $400 for each of the 4 parts, with a discount for taking the whole thing, and a discount for signing up before the end of May. Parents of minors can claim a tax credit for art instruction. Professionals seeking to add skills (graphic designer? BFA graduate?) can claim professional development tax credit. Here is the link to more information:

Don’t procrastinate: sign up now!

All the best, and wishing you all good drawing experiences,

Maxine Schacker