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Dave Ross’ New Figure Drawing Book!

Dave ‘s new book is fresh off the press! Published by Random House, it teaches how to draw the figure without reference.

Dave writes: “I recently completed work on an instructional book titled FREEHAND FIGURE DRAWING FOR ILLUSTRATORS, due for general release on July 28, 2015. Watson-Guptill Publications, an imprint of Random House, is publishing the how-to book on drawing the human figure from memory. Visit for more details.FREEHAND FIGURE DRAWING FOR ILLUSTRATORS is for anyone who ever dreamed of picking up a pencil and drawing spontaneously from the imagination.

My own experiences in learning the craft of freehand drawing as a student, and then much later in teaching it, convinced me to be proactive. FREEHAND FIGURE DRAWING FOR ILLUSTRATORS introduces you to a methodology that is designed to solve many drawing problems before they arise.”

From Dave’s website:

“I can’t resist the challenge of rendering strange new worlds and fantastic situations on a daily basis — filling stark white panels with scenes rich in depth and intensity!”

Dave’s projects for Marvel and DC Comics include:
• Spiderman • Daredevil • Avengers Westcoast • Batgirl • Catwoman • Punisher • Captain America • Excalibur • Birds of Prey • Aliens • Alpha Flight • Star Trek • Star Wars: Dark Times.

As a Guest Artist, he has participated at numerous national and international comic conventions and book signings including the following:

• New York • San Diego • Chicago • Pittsburgh • Detroit • Ottawa • Toronto • Montreal • Hong Kong • Singapore • Malaysia • Indonesia • Thailand • PR China

He is currently illustrating a special Ironman Series for Marvel, a Star Wars project for Dark Horse Comics/George Lucas; teaching figure drawing and sequential arts at Max the Mutt, and producing commissions for international collectors/clients.

If you live in or close to Toronto, the book launch for “Freehand Figure Drawing for Illustrators,” will be held at the Toronto Reference Library,  on Yonge Street just north of Bloor, August 14th at 7 PM!

 Dave’s website: