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Why Max the Mutt?


Every year we speak with people who attended other schools and didn’t come out with the skills they needed for employment.

There is a difference between attending a school that has small class size and provides access to individual assistance, and a large school where classes sometimes have 25 to 30 people in a class.

It isn’t easy- YOU have to be fully present and willing to do the hard work ! You need to buy in to our emphasis on professionalism and ¬†train yourself to organize your work, meet deadlines, deal professionally with problems, including asking for help when you need it. You need the desire and the grit to stick with it and keep faith in your ability to grow and develop.¬†

People will hire you and keep you on if you have both the skills and the professionalism required by these industries! Max the Mutt is respected by employers, but simply attending Max the Mutt, or any other school- no matter how “famous”- will not make a career for you! That’s your job- with our help.

Our goal is to help you set your imagination free by giving you the artistic and computer savvy that will build your confidence and your portfolio, and marrying that to professionalism: polite behaviour, meeting deadlines, getting to places on time, taking criticism well, following directions. This is a winning recipe for success!

This is why we believe Max the Mutt is your best choice!


Your education:Why Max the Mutt? 


  • We care about every student and give personal attention to every student.
  • MTM is a school that is entirely devoted to professional training: all courses are relevant to your professional goals.
  • We emphasize traditional representational fine art skills that are generally not taught in today‚Äôs art schools, because we want you to have a foundation ¬†that will give you flexibility during your working life,
  • MTM is staffed by working professionals with a commitment to passing on the skills they value and use daily.
  • We stress professional commitment and attitude, and treat the school environment as the workplace. We want you to have an easy transition from being a student to entering the work world.
  • We ensure small class size, enabling the development of professional relationships between faculty and students,
  • and enabling mentoring and support for all our students.
First year drapery Study by Aurino Neto, the result of basic education in traditional art skills!

First year drapery Study by Aurino Neto, the result of basic education in traditional art skills!

First  year students learn the processes artists use to create   representational art. This drawing is the culmination of a  unit on drapery, utilizing all the skills learned from  September on, to create the illusion of reality.

That’s what education is supposed to give you!




Tina Seemann with students at the Royal Winter Fair:putting education into practice

Tina Seemann, above with students at the Royal Winter Fair, an annual field trip that enables students to draw animals and ¬†people interacting, and use what they‚Äôve learned both in ¬†figure and animal drawing classes. This reinforces applying ¬†the education you’ve received to get real results drawing on ¬†site.

We offer the the only in depth education for comics & graphic novels in Canada!

Kent Burles with potential applicant for the ISA program

Kent Burles with potential applicant for the ISA program

Who should consider applying? 

   If you want to make your living either in animation, concept art (character, location and prop design) for animation and/or video games, or illustration with a focus on comic books and graphic novels, and you understand and accept the commitment  it takes to become an artist, if you truly want an education, this college is for you!

¬†¬†If you have passion about developing your skills, curiosity, the ability and desire to get out of your ‚Äúcomfort zone,‚ÄĚ ¬†and the grit to stay the course when the going gets rough, this school will be a good fit for you. This is what real education demands.

Because we provide an in depth and well thought out series of courses in year one designed to give you an understanding of traditional, representational visual language, we are able to accept students who have  passion and drive, and have made efforts to draw, but are in need of instruction and practice in traditional drawing and painting, skills training which can currently be difficult to find.

 Whenever possible we do application interviews in person that generally last 50 minutes to an hour. We try to assess whether or not if we work hard and you work hard, you’ll succeed. We don’t expect you to already have fully developed skills in subjects we teach in year one. That wouldn’t make any sense, but your efforts to work on your own and your resourcefulness in finding ways to learn (books, YouTube videos) are cetainly an indication that you have the interest, passion and self-motivation required.

Showing the 2014 Industry Event Video

Showing the 2014 Industry Event Video

We encourage you to visit Max the Mutt and attend an    Open House and Information Session, or contact us to  arrange a private tour and info session!  This is a    welcoming, inclusive environment for focused, serious    students.

Contact admissions now to get more information,, or call us at 416=703-6877.

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