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New Certificate Program Develops Fine Art Skills !


What’s New At Max the Mutt?MtM_Workshop_Life-Drawing_Work-Example_1


A New Certificate Program for Traditional Fine Art Skills & Portfolio Development !

This program will be presented during July and the first 2 weeks of August, 6 weeks of classes with top professionals, including figurative drawing, perspective, still life drawing, basic design & composition, colour theory and intro painting !

With successful completion of this program, you will have  fulfilled the general portfolio requirements for Max the Mutt diploma programs, and you will have  portfolio pieces for application to university and college degree and diploma programs that display your comprehension of representational fine art basics.




 Classes meet 5 days a week, 3 hours AM and 3 hours PM.

July : 20 Figurative life drawing classes x 3 hours= 60 hours of instruction

          10 Perspective classes x 3 hours = 30 hours of instruction

    10 Principles of Drawing classes x 3 hours= 30 hours of instruction

August:  1 week :   Colour Theory, Design and Composition: 30 hours of instruction (one week, full days)

1 week: Introduction to Representational Painting: 30 hours of instruction (one week, full days)

 Total instructed hours: 180 + private reviews       Limited class size (15 maximum) guarantees that you will get personal attention.

 Tuition: $2700 + HST                                                                                                                            

Tuition is slightly higher than  workshop tuition ($50 additional for each module). The extra tuition covers  personal review meetings with each instructor, grading, a  final full review of all the student’s best work,  assistance in making portfolio choices, and the certificate award ceremony.

To repeat: Successful completion of this Certificate Program fulfills the general portion of the portfolio requirements for application to Max the Mutt Diploma Programs.

This program is offered in conjunction with the July Learn To Draw workshop courses. Learn To Draw workshop classes remain available in modular form….

What’s the difference between  “Learn To Draw” and the Certificate Program?

Learn to Draw students can take one module or all modules. They are not graded, are not subject to attendance and late policies, and personal reviews and final portfolio review are not included.

Certificate Program students may have assignments (such as sketchbook drawing), will need to be present and on time for classes , and will have an evaluation meeting with each instructor at the end of each module, as well as a final meeting and review of all the work to create a portfolio .

Students must be at a Pass level for all modules to receive the certificate.

Max the Mutt certificate program classes as well as the workshops, are designed for people who want to develop basic skills either in the hope of applying to colleges or universities for art based programs, or for personal interest. They are the very beginning of developing the traditional skills that will help with application to art based programs, and, once you’re in a program, will help you to succeed!

The slightly higher tuition charged for the Certificate Program reflects extra cost to the school for administration, and one-on-one reviews with instructors.

This program is available to both Canadian and International Students. 

Sign up here !    10% tuition reduction if you are enrolled before before June 1, 2016.