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Visits and Portfolio Reviews with DHX Media & Portfolio Entertainment !

There was lots of excitement at Max the Mutt last week, as two more top animation companies asked to visit us, speak with students and hold portfolio reviews! Max the Mutt hosts an “Industry Event” every May, but this year there is so much need for qualified graduates that companies are visiting early, doing portfolio reviews, and sometimes offering  jobs!


Waiting for portfolio reviews...

Waiting for portfolio reviews…


On Wednesday Portfolio Entertainment Head of Studio Operations Sonya Carey and Julie Stall of the creative team, visited the school…

Sonya Carey speaking to Max the Mutt students...

Sonya Carey speaking to Max the Mutt students…

(…. addressed concept art and and animation students, and then stayed on to hold one on one portfolio reviews. Sonya emailed us the next day, commenting on the continuing excellence and professionalism of our students, and requesting follow up interviews at the studio with some of them.


On Thursday, DHXMedia visited. Here is Animation Director Tina Seemann’s report:


DHX Media has studios in Vancouver and Halifax, and interviewed for both locations.

DHX Media has studios in Vancouver and Halifax, and interviewed for both locations.



Five representatives from DHX Media came to visit: 3 from Vancouver- Jezebel Pimentel* (*HR, recruiter ), Robin Shea & Craig Roberts; and from Halifax: Andrew Anningson, and Mike Pascucci (originally from Toronto)

Students with Robin and Jezebel from DHX Studios

Students with Robin and Jezebel from DHX Studios

They are producing ‘Peabody & Sherman’, ‘Inspector Gadget and several other series for TV simultaneously, and are interested in hiring people who are passionate about what they do, and will even provide training in software. (

We were happy to hear them stress that being able to draw is more important than knowing the software! Robin told everyone that the ‘bouncing ball ‘ is a good test for a new animator!

Like Portfolio Entertainment, the DHX business model is reminiscent of the old days when companies mentored new employees. This is a real and positive change. DHX
was pleased to say that they have retained the original 75 people they started out with 5 years ago. These people have simply progressed within the company. DHX wants a stable work force of people who they know and who have worked with each other, and they hope to continue to keep having enough work to keep everyone steadily employed.

They showed a short film portraying studio life- everyone agreed that DHX has plenty of appeal on either coast!


After the presentation the reps were generous with their time, talking to all the senior students at length and having a look at their websites.
They were very impressed by our students work, and happy to find a school with a real sense of community.

Everyone had a great time visiting with DHX! Thank you so much for coming !