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U of Dundee & Max the Mutt to Explore Partnership!

“I was very impressed with the set up at MTM. The classes and courses are very well structured, and relevant to the specific subject areas. There was a good morale amongst the students I met, and the work I saw was of a very high professional standard. The staff gave me a warm welcome, and could not have been more friendly.”

Course Director
MSc Animation & VFX
MDes Comics & Graphic Novels
Art Director Dundee Comics Creative Space


Thanks, Phillip. We really enjoyed your visit, your positive energy, and the graduate student publications you shared with us! It would be fun to work on exploring a partnership. Your enthusiasm about the university level work you saw at Max the Mutt and interest in finding ways for our graduates to qualify to take  Master’s Degree programs at your university, is both very exciting and a great endorsement of the hard work and dedication of both students and faculty at Max the Mutt!



Comic book & Graphic Novel work from U of Dundee Master's Degree students

Comic book & Graphic Novel work from U of Dundee Master’s Degree students


Max the Mutt was visited last week by University of Dundee ( Scotland)  Master’s Degree program heads Phillip Vaughan ( Course Director MSc Animation & VFX) and Dr.Chris Murray ( comics publisher & editor, and head of “Studies in Comics” ). Although they had contacted to ask about visiting the school, and had connected with Kent Burles ( head of our Sequential Arts program) at a local comic book convention, we really had no idea that their visit would lead to a possible partnership! The possibilities are very exciting and are being investigated now, and we will keep you all posted .

A tour with Kent Burles from MTM Sequential Arts Program head, was followed by a surprise ( for me) meeting  where we discussed exploring partnership possibilities between the two schools.

I secretly hope all of this leads to a visit by some of us to Scotland! Now, that would be fun!

You can get more info about of Dundee programs here:

Maxine Schacker with U of Dundee Master's Degree directors Phillip Vaughan & Chris Murray

Maxine Schacker with U of Dundee Master’s Degree directors Phillip Vaughan & Chris Murray