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Why Is Max the Mutt Your Best Choice?

Why Max the Mutt? It’s simple: we care. Max the Mutt offers working professionals as instructors, small class size, community, an emphasis on focus, a developmental curriculum following a year of basic skills training. We are in constant contact with the industries we serve to ensure that course content is up to date! Our yearly Industry Event, where graduating students show their work to recruiters and art directors from top companies who are looking to hire young talent, is well attended and our graduates are in demand!!Ā 

There is a difference between attending Max the Mutt, with small class size and constantĀ access to individual assistance, and a large school where classes sometimes have 25 to 30 people and even the best instructors simply don’t have the time to get around to everyone!

Max the Mutt was founded by professionals. Our mandate has always been a commitment to teach the skills we value to coming generations. We careĀ about every student. We are a small community where every person matters, and we know what it takes to develop your talent – because we’ve been there.

It isn’t easy. It takes discipline and passion. You, as a student,Ā have to be present, committed, and willing to do the hard work. You need to buy in to our emphasis on professionalism and focus.

train yourself to organize your work, meet deadlines, deal professionally with problems, including asking for help when you need it. You need the desire and the grit to stick with it, and to keep faith in your ability to grow and develop.Ā 
For our part, we do our best to assist when you hit difficult patches. We have a vested interest in the success of every student and want to see everyone succeed.

When you graduate, companiesĀ will hire you and keep you on if you have both the skills and the professionalism required. Max the Mutt is respected by employers, but simply attending Max the Mutt, or any other school, no matter how “famous,” will not make a career for you! That’s your job – with our help.

Focus is a major part of success.

Our goal is to help you set your imagination free by helping you develop the artistic and computer savvy that will build your confidence and your portfolio, and marrying that to professionalism: polite behaviour, meeting deadlines, being on time, taking criticism well, being a good team player, and following directions. This is a winning recipe for success.

This is why we believe Max the Mutt is your best choice if you are serious about having a career in animation, illustration or concept art!

Zabi Hassan - Alladin-Evil-Genie-Attack

Zabi Hassan – Alladin-Evil-Genie-Attack


Devil's Cake - Angeline Mauri

Devil’s Cake – Angeline Mauri


AMatinong LineUp

AMatinong LineUp


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