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Where Are They Now? MtM Graduates At Work!

This is a list of as many MtM Graduates as we were able to track down! It’s great to see how well you are all doing!

Brian Zuleta is a concept artist working on AAA games for UbiSoft,Toronto.

Lorraine Alvarez-Posen is a production designer for Triggerfish Animation Studios in Cape Town, and a freelance concept artist/designer with her own company, Crosstree Creative.

Chris Brown is a freelance concept artist/designer/illustrator who has worked on major projects and was formerly a concept artist at Corus/Nelvana, Toronto. Chris is an instructor and year 2 and 3 coordinator for the Concept Art Diploma Program at Max the Mutt.

Flo Young is a Background Artist at Corus/Nelvana, Toronto, who has a passion for fantasy art and is launching a freelance career.

Max Behrens is a concept artist and junior 3D artist working for Fish Blowing Bubbles, Munich, Germany.

Timothy Stevens-Eustace is a senior graphic designer for Central Station,Toronto, specializing in game asset creation, Flash special effects and animation.

Adam Klassen is a technical director and render wrangler for Guru Studio, Toronto, currently working on the new feature film from Cartoon Saloon, Kilkenny, Republic of Ireland.

Isaac Yakabuskie is a 2D animator at Portfolio Entertainment, Toronto.

Lubomir Arsov  has worked as a character and location designer on productions for Reel FX (based in Dallas,TX), Duncan Studio (Pasadena, CA), C.O.R.E Toons, House Of Cool Studios, Red Rover, Starz Animation (Toronto) and others. After creating artwork for the “Spanish Fly (Ten Kens) music video by the “Black Belt Kids”, Lubomir has most recently been working as a freelance character designer and illustrator.

Saar Bodman  a concept artist for The Game Studio Inc., Vancouver. He is freelance concept artist, designer and illustrator, and was formerly an assistant art director for Corus/Nelvana, Toronto.

Aaron Long is an animator and animation director at ShadowMachine, Los Angeles. Recent work includes “Bojack Horseman” (a Netflix original), “Greatest Party Story Ever” (for MTV) and “Triptank” (for Comedy Central), as well as his own original projects “Sublo and Tangy Mustard” and “Fester Fish“, which has been featured in festivals around the world.

Francisco Garcia-Jimenez is a senior illustrator/animator at HitGrab Inc.,Toronto.

Hannah Probyn is an animator for Portfolio Entertainment,Toronto. She has been working on a children’s television show called “Doki“, a fun show about animal explorers. Hannah has also had the opportunity to contribute to character and set design work for other projects within the studio.

Ryan Wall is a character artist for Disney Design Group, and formerly an animator for 9 Story Media Group and Elliott Animation Inc., Toronto.

Kimberley Linn was formerly a background painter at Corus/ Nelvana, now background artist for Yowza Animation,Toronto.

Sasha Kapijimpanga is an animation director for Sony Pictures Imageworks, Vancouver.

Jen Schollen is a 3D layout artist at Jam Filled Entertainment (formerly Arc Productions), Toronto.

Nezam Jinnah is a senior lighting artist at Warner Bros Games, Toronto.

Misha Zuzuk is a layout artist for Jam Filled Entertainment (formerly Arc Productions), Toronto.

Ketan Lad  is a senior level artist  (Batman: Arkham Origins) at Warner Bros Games, Montreal.

Nathan Maetzener is an animator at Portfolio Entertainment, Toronto.

Josh Schaefer is a character animator at Huminah Huminah, Hamilton, ON.

Dale Hayward is the co-owner, director, animator at See Creature Animation, Montreal, has produced work for the National Film Board of Canada, and is currently working on a personal project, “Bone Mother”, for the NFB. Hiss company See Creature Animation played a major role in the production of the animated feature “The Little Prince.”

 Sean Thornton  is a Flash animator at Smiley Guy Studios, Toronto.

Thomas Williams was a concept artist for Rockstar Games, New York, before moving to Europe. He is now freelancing, based in Barcelona.

Daniel Lee-Poy is a stereo and VFX compositor at Legend 3D, Toronto.

Jason Comacho  is an animator at Pipeline Studios, Hamilton, ON.

Tess Tolmatcheva  is an animator at 9 Story Media Group,Toronto.

Kenny Ng is a background painter and colour stylist at 9 Story Media Group, Toronto.

Lindsey Herrmann animator at Boat Smart, Oshawa.

Jeff Driver is a  3D modeller at Animal Logic, Vancouver.   

Ruth Ramirez is a storyboard artist and revisionist for Corus/Nelvana, Toronto.

Juan Urbina is a character designer for VampStudio, Bogota, Colombia.

Matt Rose is a video game producer on AAA titles for UbiSoft, Toronto.

Brian Beesley is currently working for Pixar, Emeryville, CA, as an animator and VFX. Brendan worked on “9” (2009), “Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore” (2010), “Finding Dory” (2016), “Gnomeo & Juliet” (2011), “Inside Out” (2015), “The Good Dinosaur” (2015), “The Nut Job” (2014) and “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie” (2008).

Daniel Tynan is a senior animator for Mercury Filmworks, Nepean, ON.

Sean NgQui Sang  is an animator and rigger, working for Ludia Inc., Montreal, on “Dragons – Rise of Berk” builder style mobile game, for Apple iOS and Android devices, based on the popular movie franchise “How to Train Your Dragon“.

Richard Truong is a character designer and animator for Solis Animation, Toronto.

Randel Palo is the creative director at Jack Lake Productions, North York, ON.

Chris Ramsarran  storyboard artist  for 9 Story Media Group, Toronto.

Jasmine Gulati Wall is an illustrator/graphic designer for Ganz, Toronto.

Keith Fukomoto  is an animator for Guru, Toronto, was an animation supervisor at Fat Kat, Miramichi, NB, and an animator at Vast Studios (video games), Toronto. Keith is also a 2D computer animation instructor at Max the Mutt.

Marie Eve Provencal is a 3D compositing and rendering artist at Gameloft, Montreal.

Robert Rodas is a 3D animator for UbiSoft,Toronto. He is also a classical animation instructor at Max the Mutt.

Marcus Fryia is the owner of Media Conspiracy, Calgary.

Rae Dickey has supervised 2D rigging for Guru, Toronto, since early 2013. She has worked on a number of 2D and 3D shows, including “Paw Patrol” and “Ever After High“. Rae is also a 2D computer animation instructor at Max the Mutt.

Andrew Veri was a character poser and in-betweener at Cuppa Coffee, Toronto, and is now an animator at Big Jump Productions, Ottawa.

Kelly Conley is senior designer at HitGrab Inc., Toronto.

Matt DiLallo is an animator at Smiley Guy, Toronto.

Eric Zermeno is an artist/animator at (computer games), Toronto.

Olga Lee reports that she has been employed animating in Russia steadily since her graduation.

Jenn Fenton was an animator at Kabam, San Francisco Bay Area, and just started a new job as an animator at Booyah, San Francisco, CA.

Shannon (McDermid) Mistry has illustrated 2 children’s books. Shannon is currently a senior animator at Elliott Animation, Toronto.

Dipesh Mistry is currently a freelance storyboard artist at Jam Filled, Nepean, ON, and has been a storyboard artist  and an animation director/supervisor at Elliott Animation, Toronto.

Joel Tellier is a director at Guru Studio, Toronto.

Neal Giddings is a character artist working on Interactive Computer Games for Ganz Studios, Woodbridge, ON, and formerly lead character artist for Silicon Knights, St. Catharines, ON.

Oliver Costes was an animation director at Fat Kat, Miramichi, NB,…is now animating for 9 Story Entertainment, Toronto. 

Keith Fukamoto is a 2D animator at Portfolio Entertainment,Toronto, formerly animated for the game industry and has been an animation director for Fat Kat, Miramichi, NB. Keith is also a 2D animation instructor at Max the Mutt.

Winrik Haentjens was a 3D generalist at Bullseye Video Productions, Toronto, and is now a 3D generalist at Stargate Studios, Toronto. Winrik is also a 3D animation instructor at Max the Mutt.

Tabitha Fisher wrote and directed the short film “Missed Connection” as part of the NFB’s Hothouse program for emerging filmmakers. Tabitha currently supervises locations and layout on “Hotel Transylvania: The Series” at Corus/Nelvana, Toronto. Tabitha is also a drawing instructor at Max the Mutt.

Eric Zermeno is an artist/animator at (computer games), Toronto.

Joshua Hart is an animation supervisor at Mercury Filmworks, Ottawa.

Jason Comacho is an animator at Pipeline Studios, Hamilton, ON.

Jordan Denenberg is an animator at Smiley Guy Studios, Toronto.

Magda Eden is a graphic artist at Capcom Interactive Canada, Vancouver.

Jesse Jind now has his own company in Toronto providing animation, illustration and design services….using freelancers.

Steven Seares is a 3D animator at Corus/Nelvana, Toronto.

Carly Shields is an animator and flash designer for Union Marketing, Vaughan, ON.

Carlos Garza is an animator at 9 Story Media, Toronto.

Alex Gutierrez – cinematographer at Union Marketing, Vaughan, ON.

King (yue Jing) Xiong  is an Animator at Pip Animation, Ottawa.

Enoch Gawain is an animator at Guru Studio, Toronto.

Jacob Whyte is an animator at Guru Studio, Toronto.

Dennis Bejtic is an animator at Jam Filled Entertainment (formerly Arc Productions), Toronto.

Kitty Cheng is a 3D generalist and Background painter at KeyFrame Digital, St. Catharines, ON.

William Jung is a 3D animator at KeyFrame Digital, St. Catharines, ON.

Julia Bystrova is working for Tangent Animation, Toronto, as a character rigger on a feature film. Additional duties include prop/set rigging and crowd placement/animation.

Ali Mio is a Production Coordinator on a feature film at Tangent Animation, Toronto.

Kevin Low is a penciller at CMJ Productions, Saint-Lambert, QC.

Andrea Scott is a concept artist at Dread Jasper Games, Toronto.

Andrew Kwan is art director at Nanomyte Productions, Toronto, and is also art directing and a background line art artist for Key Frame Digital, St. Catharines, ON.

Maria Kahr is a background artist for Corus/Nelvana, Toronto.

Colin Campbell  is an art director for Evil Tentacle Comix, an independent.

Paris Alleyne is a comic book illustrator, a penciller and a digital colourist. He’s worked with IDW Publishing, San Diego, CA, Red Stylo Media, Baltimore, MD, and a series of independent publishers.

Keith Grachow is a freelance illustrator, comic book & children’s book artist

Ewelina Dolzycka is currently a background painter for Big Jump Productions, Ottawa. She was the colorist for the graphic novel Susanna Moodie: Roughing It in the Bush”.

Erik Skov is a background artist for Portfolio Entertainment, Toronto.

Chris Barbarik is a storyboard artist for Keyframe Digital in St.Catharines, ON.

Michele Assarasakorn was a concept artist working on feature film pre-production at MUSTA COSTA FORTUNE Inc., Toronto, and has  moved to the west coast and is now a freelance artist working in both gaming and animation.

Jake Kalbehnn is a concept artist at Mighty Canvas Concept Studio, Vancouver. He previously worked for Corus/Nelvana, Toronto, as a colour stylist.

Zelda Helena Dufgran is a surfacing artist at Awesometown Entertainment, Toronto.

Erin Siegel is a 2D artist at Mikutech/Joydrop, Toronto.

Jake Griffiths is a concept artist working on AAA games at UbiSoft, Toronto.

Vanessa Noller is a props and location designer at Elliott Animation, Toronto.

Jordi Gonzalez is a matte painter and concept artist at  The Frank Barton Company, Madrid y alrededores, España Entretenimiento in Spain.

Kenny Ng is a colour stylist at 9 Story Media, Toronto.

Damjan Lazic is a location designer for Guru Studio, Toronto.

Megan Leonard is a character designer for 9 Story Media, Toronto. She has also been a writer/penciller for comics at Silver Lining Comics, Maricopa, AZ, and an illustrator/art designer for G Stuart Nakay, author, at New Generation Publishing, London, UK.

Omid Razavi is creative director for Union Marketing, Vaughan, ON.

Bingu Ratnapala is a lecturer at SAE Institute Dubai, Dubai, AE. He has worked as a concept artist, illustrator and storyboard artist for clients such as Etihad Airways, Nissan, Interpublic and Mbc studios, and a cover artist for Marvel Comics.

Jennifer Foreshew is a 2D animator/illustrator/ graphic designer at Union Marketing, Vaughan, ON.

Justin Mark is a background artist for 9 Story Media, Toronto.

Tracey Squires Strong is an animator for Guru Studios, Toronto.

Eli Romo Anler has worked on animated features, in Mexico, working in both 2D and 3D animation in a variety of roles. She is currently freelancing and living in Sweden.

Andreas Anler has worked on an animated feature in Mexico, and is currently freelancing in Sweden. He has worked as a background artist, matte painter and concept artist for games such as “Monster Park“.

Leslie Crawshaw is a graphic artist who specializes in illustration and graphics for apps and media. She has also worked as an assistant animator for Cineflix, Toronto.

 Laura Massingham is a stereo compositor and artist at Legend 3D, Toronto.

Matt Chan is a compositor at Stereo D, Toronto, focusing on stereoscopic 3D for feature films.

John Newton is a freelance concept artist, designer and illustrator, formerly a background artist for Corus/Nelvana, Toronto. John is also a painting and drawing instructor at Max the Mutt.

Robyn Natalie Lau is a freelance concept artist working for major video game companies in North America. Formerly, she was an assistant art director for Corus/Nelvana, Toronto.

Rebeccca Taunton-Renwick has worked artist/graphic designer on board games such as “Kaiju Conquest” for ATC Games, and a new game called “Monster Hunt“. She is currently working on a story for web comic spin off of “Non Player Character” for

Sid Gautam is working on a 58 page graphic novel for an undisclosed publisher.
Meaghan Carter is a comic book artist at Comic Book Embassy, Toronto, creator of “Godslave“, a full-colour webcomic that updates twice a week. Meaghan is also a cartooning instructor at Max the Mutt.
Neil Giddings is a senior 3D artist at Ganz, Toronto, and was formerly a character artist working on AAA games at Silicon Knights, St. Catharines, ON.
My apologies to any of you I missed!  Please feel free to contact us with your information.