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Dreamworks Directors & Family Channel Visit Max the Mutt!

Max the Mutt is honoured to be chosen as the only Toronto college visited by DreamWorks Director Mike Mitchell (left) & Co-Director Walt Dohrn (right),  who are touring internationally to promote the new DreamWorks animated feature “Trolls.”  

Director Mike Mitchell (left) & co-director Walt Dorhn. (Right) sharing students pre-production process with MtM students.

Director Mike Mitchell (left) & co-director Walt Dohrn. (Right) sharing students pre-production process with MtM students.

Their presentation included a look at pre-production development and it was a riveting, inspiring account of the development of their initial idea for the film and the entire film making process. Following this presentation, Family Channel host Deeprah, took the stage and interviewed the two Trolls Directors, and then turned to our students and asked for questions. Following this, Max the Mutt Directors, Maxine Schacker and Tina Seemann, were interviewed about our unique college and the programs we offer.

The Family Channel program will be aired November 7th on Family Channel.

Deeprah, Family Channel host with directors

Family Channel host Deeprah with Trolls Directors, on the stage at Max the Mutt


Trolls Characters as they appear in the film...

2 Trolls Characters as they appear in the film…

It was, indeed, an honour for Max the Mutt to be chosen for this visit. The students are still discussing all the great information that was shared with them! On behalf of all the students and faculty who were so energized by this incredible experience, we thank you Mike and Walt for sharing your excitement about Trolls with us.  This is a beautifully conceived and executed animated feature film aimed at both children and adults and filled with positive energy. We also thank 20th century Fox, and we thank the Family Channel.

Students and faculty were all invited to a preview of the film held at TIFF last night and a great time was had by all!    

Come and visit us to find out more about Max the Mutt and our programs. Please email us at, phone us at 416-703-6877 (toll free in North America 1-877-486-MUTT), or fill out a contact request on the website….and we hope you all get to see Trolls for a great, uplifting experience.