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A Special Winter “Learn To Draw,” Will Meet Sundays Starting January 8th

November 15, 2016 By: in Events News from Max the Mutt

This workshop is being made available as a special for students planning to apply for 2017 enrolment in arts based  diploma, certificate or degree programs.  Other workshops and the Certificate Program, open to everyone, will be offered in July/August. Thank you!

Hannah Probyn 1932703_orig

Hannah Probyn


 Take this opportunity to build your portfolio!

Eight  FULL days of instruction on Sundays.

  • Principles of Drawing: How to express 3-dimensional form. Emphasis on proportion, 3-dimensional solidity, construction and weight.
  • Life Drawing: An introduction to drawing from the life model
  • Perspective and freehand drawing: Develop skills in the mechanics of linear perspective.
  • Critique: Receive feedback, advice, and guidance on everything you do.