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Angela Matinong Character Design Process On “The Rookies !”

Skilled Character Designers Are in Demand Worldwide!

Angela’s article shares step by step process information….

Tekkonkinkreet Characters Designed by Jing Matinong


Jing Matinong’s article on Character Design process is currently featured on, an international website devoted to emerging design talent worldwide. This truly is an honour for a student about to graduate this spring!

“The Rookies,”  is dedicated to emerging artists worldwide. In addition to allowing students from all over the world to upload their work for critical review by professionals, they offer awards and internships, and articles  sharing process information.

Founder Alwyn Hunt,  while in Toronto on a visit from Australia, addressed Max the Mutt students and looked at their work.  He was so impressed by Jing’s work that he asked her to create an article on her design process for The Rookies website. Jing’s creativity, imagination and hard work are prime ingredients of her success, but she definitely would tell you that her ability to express her vision has been helped by the depth of the curriculum offered by Max the Mutt’s  4 year Concept Art Diploma Program, the individual instruction our students receive, and the depth of knowledge their instructors, all working professionals, share with them.

Congratulations  Jing! Max the Mutt is proud of you!

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