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Max the Mutt Ranked One of The Best Illustration Schools Worldwide!

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Max the Mutt has been rated one of the best Illustration Schools worldwide! “The Rookies”  today announced the official rankings for the best creative schools in the world for 2017. The results were calculated based on the voting of 1,800 submissions of portfolios from students and recent graduates studying at over 500 international schools and training facilities.
Each school was awarded points based on data collected from the performance of submissions from students across nine of the Award categories: Architecture, Film Making, Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Next-Gen Gaming, Photography, Visual Effects & Animation, Web & Mobile.

Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design has been chosen  one of the Best Illustration Schools 2017 worldwide! What an honour! Congratulations to all our hard working students and the committed industry professionals who are instructing them

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Max the Mutt offers a 4-year diploma program in Concept Art that includes traditional representational fine art training, as well as training in character design, environment and location design, prop design, and much, much more. We are a small community of dedicated students and instructors and feature small class size, mentoring, and working professionals instructing.

(Attention all you animation and sequential arts students:  your work is great! Upload it to The Rookies and try for prizes, internships, and personal critiques of your work!)

Check it out on “The Rookies” website!

Contact us,,  or check out this website, for more information about our programs and how to apply! Call us, toll free in North America, at 1-877-486-MUTT.