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Max the Mutt Grad Lorraine Alvarez & Family Visit from Capetown!

Max the Mutt graduate Lorraine Alvarez, at that time from Zimbabwe, was an early international student. This is a small college and we all get to know each other very well. One of the joys for the professionals who teach and run the college is remaining in contact with graduates:Tina Seemann,who hosted the family’s visit, reports that it was exciting to see Lorraine again and to meet her husband, South African animator Darryn Posen, accompanied by their 8 mos old daughter, Arianna.
Lorraine has lived and worked in animation in Capetown,South Africa for some time. This is where, while they were working at the same animation company, she met animator Darryn Posen. The family is now touring North America to promote his newest undertaking, a website that offers professional critiques to aspiring animators, “Animation Critique.
They both addressed Max the Mutt animation students. Lorraine spoke about her animation career since she graduated more than 10 years ago, a career which has taken her to many places, and about the fact that Africa is in her blood and where she discovered she needed to live. She also spoke about the changes in her career. She finds her interest lies more and more in concept art. Happily the depth of training Max the Mutt gives our graduates provides the skill base to make transitions.
 Darryn spoke about”Animation Critique.” This is a site where students may send in their animation tests and have their work critiqued by top industry professionals. It was conceived as a supplement to college studies.


 As a Max the Mutt graduate, Lorraine also enjoyed visiting one of our Illustration courses, Traditional Colour Illustration for Comics & Covers, taught by Jock MacRae.  Our students still draw, but they also use computers, something that wasn’t being done when Lorraine was a student. Seeing the students working away, now years later, on their laptops was quite a difference from her time at Max the Mutt!

Lorraine Alvarez visiting MtM illustration class


Tina Seemann hosted the Posen family during their visit and writes: ” It was so nice to see her again and have her and her family see our new premises. Both Lorraine and Darryn were very impressed by the quality of  student work displayed in our halls.
 I do so hope that our animation students will keep their animation muscles supple over the summer!
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