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Just out! Children’s book illustrated by Max the Mutt’s Tina Seemann!

Max the Mutt is proud to announce the release of a delightful new book for children, written by one of MTM’s three co-founders David Schacker, and illustrated by Max the Mutt’s Tina Seemann, Director of MTM’s Animation Diploma Program — with colour by 2016 MTM graduate Laura Faber.

 At last is a story celebrating that unsung hero of family life, the bathtub! Neglected no longer, this noble fixture finally gets its due, magically coming to life as the central character in this tale set in the topsy-turvy world of the Forest Green.”

The delightful illustrations by MTM’s Tina Seemann, coloured in a dreamlike watercolour-effect palette by 2016 graduate Laura Faber, and the gentle humour of the Gilbertian rhyming verse by David Schacker, make this a charmingly unique offering for young (including very young) and adult readers.

Congratulations to everyone, and special thanks to book designer Jelena Reljic!

Available at Barnes & Noble U.S.

Available on Amazon:In the U.S.

In Canada: will be available soon on

And Amazon in Europe.

Max the Mutt’s Illustration for Sequential Arts Diploma program includes comics, graphic novels, and children’s book illustration in the curriculum.

In fact, all diploma programs at Max the Mutt include in depth drawing courses, design and composition, colour theory, as well as cartooning and character design.

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The first weekend in June will feature an Open House with new art work throughout the school, and exhibitions by 2017 graduates from all 3 diploma programs!

Free workshops will include 2 cartooning workshops with Tina Seemann, including a special one for children 6 to 9 years of age, and a talk about her process in creating the illustrations for “The Life and Times of Sir Reginald Tubb.”