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UbiSoft Toronto NXT Showcase Awards, An Inspiring Annual Event!

Ubisoft Toronto NTX Showcase 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners

The UbiSoft Toronto NXT Showcase annual competition Awards this past Thursday evening was a gala event, well attended despite the rainy weather. The energy was high as students and faculty from an increasing number of colleges and universities filled the hall. (Photo above: Zabi Hassan, 3rd place; Steve Hong ,center, 1st place; and Jullius Granada, 2nd place for Concept Art)

Max the Mutt  congratulates all the winners, their instructors and their programs! Canada needs as many excellent programs and excellent students as possible to keep our entertainment arts industries alive and thriving, and competition is healthy for all of us testtest testtest.

The 5 finalists in each category had already been announced.  The 3rd place winner,  then the 2nd place winner, and finally the first place winner in each category( first place winners will have a summer internship) was introduced to the crowd. The project of each person was projected on a screen behind them, as they were introduced.

Our congratulations to all, and especially the first place winners in all categories, Programmer, Modeller, Animation and Concept Art: David Arppe, David Kolodko, Rahim Rahimi, and Steve Hong!

We were also especially proud of Zabi Hassan, Max the Mutt 3rd year Concept Art student, for coming in third in the Concept Art category before he’s even gotten to his final year!