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Amazing News: Three of “The Rookies” 2017 Global Competition Finalists for the Illustration Category Are From Max the Mutt!


Amazing news! Three of “The Rookies” 2017 Global Competition Finalists for the Illustration Category are from one small college in Toronto, Max the Mutt!

Congratulations to 2017 Max the Mutt Concept Art graduates Angela Matinong & Desiree Moffatt, and 3rd year MTM Concept Art student Zabi Hassan who are all finalists in the Rookies 2017 Global Competition’s Illustration Category! Congratulations also to the faculty of working professionals who mentored them.

The Rookies offers International Awards for young designers, creators, innovators, and artists. The Awards were created to discover and showcase the outstanding talent emerging from higher education facilities and help launch them into careers at the world’s top studios.

“From the thousands of global entries submitted to The Rookies, the finalists for 2017 represent the very best entries selected by the official judging panel which include 62 of the most influential and respected experts of their respective creative and technical fields.The Finalists have been selected by scoring each student based on criteria including creative skills, technical skills, presentation, variety of skills, complexity, raw talent, and employment potential.The judges have now moved into stage three of their process and will vote for category winners which will be announced July 7th, 2017.”

What’s special about Max the Mutt?  We stress foundation skills, traditional fine art as well as computer based training, work ethic, focus, small class size, individual attention, top instructors who are in the industry themselves. Max the Mutt’s 4 year diploma program in Concept Art for Animation & Video Games  gives students  entry level skills into a variety of industries (film, animation, games) for a wide range of jobs, from concept artist to game artist, digital background painter, layout artist, or matte painter. The quality of work our students produce speaks for itself!

Some openings for Canadian citizens or permanent residents are still available for September 2017 and we are starting  September 2018  admissions for both Canadian and international applicants.

Contact us now at or call 416-703-6877, toll free 1-877-486-MUTT

Good Luck to all of you!

Scene by – Desiree Moffatt

link to Desiree Moffatt on The Rookies – MTM 2017 Concept Art Graduate


Tekkonkinkreet Characters by – Angela Matinong

link to Angela Matinong on The Rookies – MTM 2017 Concept Art Graduate

Character by – Zabi Hassan

link to Zabi Hassan on The Rookies – MTM 3rd Year Concept Art student