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Max the Mutt’s “Industry Night 2017” Event Brings Graduates and Recruiters Together!


Graduation 2017 collage

Graduation 2017 collage


Our Industry Event was a huge success! From 3:30 pm until 9:30 pm on Wednesday, May 23rd, Max the Mutt was filled with visitors, including art directors, recruiters, and industry professionals, all visiting to see the work produced by 2017 graduating students from Animation, Concept Art, and Illustration for Sequential Arts and meet the graduates in person.

This year’s event was electric! The video interviews we are happy to share with you here,  reflect what seemed to be unanimous amazement at the level of 2017 graduate work!




If you would like more information about this unique college, Contact us at to ask for more information about our diploma programs. A very few openings are still available for Sept. 2017.

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