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Our Praised Cartooning Workshop with Tina Seemann

How was our cartooning workshop with tina seemann | Max The Mutt

Our Cartooning workshop with Tina Seemann was a huge success according to Tanya Gerber, Rosanna von Sacken and Carolyn Ellis, three members of the class that ran the week of July 10th -14th. The three ladies are all professional ‘whiteboard artists‘- those people who draw ‘live’ at conferences such as the ‘Ted Talks’ you can see online.

Workshop Students praise MTM's Cartooning Tina Seemann

Tina Seemann giving one-on-one instruction to Tanya Gerber, Cartooning workshop student

” That’s gutsy work ” Tina says, ” as you cannot erase what you’ve done, you just have to carry on as the person giving the ‘talk’ cannot wait for you to get an image ‘right’.

The ladies were adept at drawing simple people and concepts and being good at calligraphy is important. ( Rosanna’s handwriting was especially beautiful!! )

Even though this workshop introduces novices to the art of cartooning, beginning with a simple stickman and builds upon that, the ladies were pleased that Tina was able to impart cartooning tips that were especially useful to them.