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Benefits of Camps & Workshops in Art and Animation

Benefits of camps and workshops in art this summer | Max the Mutt

We’ve done them for over 20 years and this year’s schedule for summer camps and workshops in art and animation at Max the Mutt is as busy as ever.

Whether you’ve graduated from a formal arts and animation college or university program. Or you’re considering a career in arts and animation. Summer camps and workshops can help you in lots of ways.

Workshops help you focus on practical applications in specific areas of study. Aimed at adults, postsecondary and secondary school students, you can enroll in workshops and camps as your schedule allows. The one exception being our Intro to Traditional Fine Art Skills & Portfolio Development Certificate Program, which combines a number of workshops into a 6-week program.

How You Can Benefit from Summer Camps & Workshops in Art & Animation

Learn a New Skill

If you’re a doodler or a professional. There may be areas of art and animation that your experience and or training haven’t exposed you to. Whether it’s life drawing, cartooning or painting in acrylic. Workshops and camps give you a ‘non-committal’ way to learn. And if you want to learn, even more, there are often subsequent workshops to expand your skills.

Freshen Up an Existing Skill

Maybe your work or schedule doesn’t allow you to keep all your art and animation skills as sharp as you’d like. 3D animators often like to revisit 2D animation and drawing as a way to keep their digital work more realistic.

Satisfy Your Curiosity

If you’ve always focused on one area, like animation. You may wonder about expressing yourself in life drawing or acrylic painting. Workshops can give you practical insights into other artistic disciplines to satisfy your interest and help you decide whether you want to pursue your new skills further.

Camps and workshops covering a wide range of art, design, and animation are available throughout the summer at Max the Mutt.