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How to Learn Concept Art Even if You Can’t Draw

Concept Art Even if You Can’t Draw | Max the Mutt

One of the biggest curves that life can throw is to give you a desire to do something without the innate ability to begin. You can be really creative with lots of artistic ideas, but have a problem when you try to put those ideas on paper. How to Learn Concept Art Even if You Can’t Draw?

The more refined an artistic discipline becomes, like concept art, the wider that disconnect can be. Just how do you go from a rudimentary ability to draw, to being a full-on concept artist? Can you even do it?

Concept Art – Yes You Can

First of all, few people get anywhere they want to go without the desire and motivation needed for the journey. That said, if you’re interested in learning about concept art and its role in the creation of films, video games, animation, graphic novels and other artistic media, you can pursue that interest, even if you’re starting at square one.

How to Become a Concept Artist Even if You Can’t Draw

1. Learn to Draw

It sounds so simple. You may have considered it, but figured it was too far a leap to start there and end up at concept art. But you must start somewhere and there’s no better place than art classes and workshops. There are important basics of art, including perspective, color theory, light and shade, and the human from, that you’ll need as a concept artist. Even if it seems miles away from your goal, a good grasp of the basics will make the journey easier.

2. Get Used to the Technology

From digital background painting and computer graphic design, to 3D modelling, digital technology is integral to concept art.

3. Talk to Concept Artists

Is there a professional concept artist whose work you admire? Or do you follow a few concept artists on Twitter? In any case, don’t be afraid to reach out and start a conversation. It could be the most valuable one you have about becoming a concept artist.

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