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September 01, 2018 By: in Animation Blog News from Max the Mutt

Tina Seemann paid a visit to Erik Segriff at his summer job Animating and she wanted to share:

“I was happy to visit 9 Story Media & Brown Bag Films recently to visit MTM student, Erik Segriff, who had a summer job animating there.

Erik is an Classical & Computer Animation & Production student who recently completed his 2nd year at Max the Mutt.
In addition to animating classically, our 2nd year students begin their 2D software courses: in the fall term they learn FLASH and in the winter term they begin the first of 3 courses to learn TOON BOOM HARMONY software. At the end of their 3rd year, they complete a 30 second short film so that they might gain employment animating for TV series for broadcast.
Although TOON BOOM HARMONY is the most prevalently used software for television series, these days, FLASH ( used for series like “POWER PUFF GIRLS” back in the day-) is still being used in the industry as well. Learning how to use both will allow Erik to be versatile.

Erik came into the FLASH course having some previous experience which was an advantage.

He took to the content readily and amazed his instructor, Keith Fukumoto, with his final FLASH project which involved a walk and run cycle as well as lip sync. Keith has the students create themselves as their characters which is fun! Not only did Erik’s character do what was required of him- his character even danced! We all got a big kick out of it!
Keith said that Erik was among the best students he’d ever had in his FLASH course.
” He was very quick to understand the complicated concepts and when he had questions,he always made sure to ask. He was an inspiration to all his classmates and even to myself.
He hit all his deadlines and was a pleasure to work with! ” Keith said.
Christine Huot, the Recruitment & Resourcing Specialist at 9th Story echoed Keith’s experience with Erik. His demo reel caught Christine’s attention and he was invited to come in for an interview. Erik confessed that he was nervous when he came in for his interview and a FLASH test.

“He was prepared and he asked intelligent questions-” Christine said. ” He is very professional in how he conducts himself which is great. We’ve had more seasoned animators apply for jobs who didn’t work out half as well. From the start, Erik fit right in!”

Erik Segriff summer job animating


Erik is thrilled to be animating on 9 Story/Brown Bag’s pre-school series ‘DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBOURHOOD‘.

“He’s a nice character and I have grown to love him!” Erik said. ” I can’t believe that I am actually animating on a series! They give me a scene, I rough out the poses and then show it to the director. I like doing little ‘extras- things that would make kids laugh. I made a character dance around and the director approved it, so it stayed in the scene!”
Best of all: this isn’t a summer internship- Erik is drawing an animator’s salary!
Erik Segriff summer job with DANIEL TIGER


Christine knows that Erik will be returning to Max the Mutt to begin his 3rd year in the fall.

We value the fact that she knows how important it is for him to finish his education at MTM.
He begins his MAYA training in year 3 and in his final year he will be part of a 3D simulated production experience wherein he will be part of a production team along with his classmates.
Knowing how to animate classically in both 2D & 3D will expand his opportunities in the future.
Apart from knowing the software, having a professional attitude already puts Erik in good stead. Being a good team player is vital in any studio environment.
Christine said she’ll be sorry when the summer is over and Erik will have to return to his animation studies.
Christine said, “Erik knows he has a place here when he is finished!”