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Concept Art / Digital Illustration for Entertainment Arts…A Great Career Option!

Max the Mutt is happy to speak with you and share information about the 4 year Concept Art Diploma Program!

We can give you a deep skill base that prepares you for a wide variety of possible career options, everything from designing the art for AAA games, to designing for animation, film, storyboarding, becoming a game artist…the list goes on! Career opportunities are varied and exciting.

Max the Mutt’s 4 year Concept Art Diploma Program is a great option if you love to draw, have an interest in painting, and want to learn traditional, fine art representational painting and drawing skills — plus how to use those skills in the digital world. This program requires imagination as well as observational skills, a passion to create worlds, determination and hard work. What’s more, employers need people who fit this description!

Max the Mutt is well known and respected for graduates who have developed skills, imagination and professionalism.  The success rate for our concept art graduates is high. We’ve been rated internationally as one of the top places to study digital illustration… 

If what I’ve written above excites you, contact us at It would be my pleasure to meet with you, look at your work, make suggestions and answer your questions.

P.S. The high level of work you see on our website is the end result of good education and hard work, not what students were able to do when they started!

Have the courage to investigate your options. Contact us now!

All the best,

Maxine Schacker, Co-Director    416-703-6877/ 1-877-486- MUTT (North America)