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UbiSoft Art Director Patrick Ingoldsby Visits Max The Mutt!

Visit from Ubisoft Art Director- Patrick Ingoldsby - Jan 17/19
Concept Art students at Max the Mutt enjoyed a presentation by UbiSoft Toronto Art Director Patrick Ingoldsby.

Pat has supported Max the Mutt from the very beginning of the 4 year Concept Art Diploma Program, and attended the very first Industry Event that included the first Concept Art graduates, but this was the first time he held a meeting to speak with students about his career, about UbiSoft and what students should be including in their portfolios.

Hilary Phillips, Concept Art Program Coordinator, had this to say about Patrick Ingoldsby’s visit:

“Patrick spoke in depth about working forĀ UbiSoft Toronto, a company and community he really enjoys. He’s been directing there for 9 years and feels it’s the best job he’s had. Pat gave the students real insights into what kind of skills Ubisoft is looking for, both hard skills like what to put in a portfolio, and soft skills like professionalism, team work, how to comport themselves in an interview. His break down of the departments in game creation gave the students an idea of the various career paths that the skills they are developing will open for them.

Visit from Ubisoft Art Director- Patrick Ingoldsby - Jan 17/19

Finally he spoke of his personal journey as an artist and the jobs he had before becoming an Art Director at Ubisoft.Ā  Pat is a former production artist, now Art Director.Ā  He was a production 3D artist in gamesĀ  before becoming an Art Director, and before he got into games, an illustrator in both print and animation. The story of Pat’s professional journey really resonated with the students, who are thinking themselves about how their careers may unfold once they graduate.”
Visit from Ubisoft Art Director- Patrick Ingoldsby - Jan 17/19 - with Hilary Phillips

Ubisoft Art Director- Patrick Ingoldsby – with Hilary Phillips, MTM Concept Art Program Coordinator



Our sincereĀ thanks to Patrick Ingoldsby for taking the time to visit Max the Mutt’sĀ  Ā Concept Art students!
We are proud that many Max the Mutt graduates, including two 2018 graduates, are currently working as concept artists and animators at UbiSoft.