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YOWZA! Animation Visits MTM And Interviews Year 4 students!

Yowza visit Feb 22/19
🎬 Yowza! Animation 🎬 dropped in to talk to our Animation and Concept Art students last Friday.

Sally Walker, Studio Coordinator of Yowza! Animation, gave us a call in January to suggest visiting MTM for early portfolio reviews with year 4 Animation and Concept Art students. We agreed on February 22 to give students a little more time to get ready for this very early and exciting chance to show their work (they won’t be graduating until May!).

Yowza, a major Toronto animation studio that does work for Disney, Warner Bros, and Dreamworks to name a few, is also well known for how well they treat their employees!

Yowza! Animation visit Feb 22/19

We were very happy that Animation Director Tom Joliffe, Art Director Jeffrey Timmins and Studio Coordinator Sally Walker took the time out of their busy schedules to visit us.

Yowza visit Feb 22/19

They were able to enjoy a quick tour of the college and saw three floors of halls with student work on exhibit.  Then they gave their presentation to year 2, 3 and 4 students. During the presentation they spoke about  Yowza’s philosophy and artistic aspirations, and the skills the studio is looking for — then they gave us a chance to see some of their beautiful recent work! We were truly excited about the quality and beauty of what they are creating. Sally tells us that Yowza is contributing to a high-end 2D feature film, several hand-drawn series, and a stop motion preschool show for CBC (Kiri & Lou).

Yowza visit Feb 22/19

The presentation was followed by the opportunity for each graduating Animation and Concept Art student to have a personal portfolio review with both Tom and Jeff.

Year 3 students were also encouraged to submit applications for paid summer internships! This was an exciting and inspiring visit for all of us!

Yowza visit Feb 22/19


Thanks so much to Tom, Jeff and Sally from YOWZA! Animation for your time! We look forward to your next visit!

PS   Sally recently emailed us: “About the visit, …. the students were a beacon of intelligence in our future industry and we are thrilled to have a connection with the school. Working with MTM graduates for years has been a pleasure and we see them going very far.”

For more information about MTM Contact us to schedule a tour and learn about what our school offers and why studios, like Yowza, want to hire our students.