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2018 Concept Art Grads, Dhenzel Obeng and Zabi Hassan Talk About Being An Effective Concept Artist!

Concept Art Grads

Current year 4 Max the Mutt  Concept art student, Dayna  Griffiths introducing Zabi and Dhenzel (only year 1 students didn’t know them, of course!)


Students stayed on after classes last night to meet with Zabi Hassan and Dhenzel Obeng , 2018 Max the Mutt Concept Art for Animation & Video Games graduates, who are both working as Concept Artists at UbiSoft Toronto. They were introduced by Dayna Griffiths, year 4 Concept Art student and Tiffani Brown, another year 4 student, took the photos and sent this report:

“Some of what was discussed:

-Transitioning to workplace from school. Leaving ego at the door and understanding you’re working to achieve a whole.
-What to expect on the job – problem solving and collaboration. Many art directors. Communication is key. You have awesome people with great knowledge at your fingertips. Use them.
-Exposing yourself online and in a community (events, “meetups”,etc) outside of school. Getting comfortable with being vulnerable with your art. The importance of being open to critiques.
-Understanding that even now, as students,  you’re making connections. Value them.

Of course they shared tons more and the students were very engaged. It was a great evening!”

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Concept Art Grads


Concept Art Grads