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MTM Featured Instructor: Dave Ross – Canadian Comic Illustrator

April 17, 2019 By: in Blog Faculty

Dave Ross comic artist | Max The Mutt

Dave Ross wears lots of hats. Not because of the weather, but for his love of just about every aspect of sequential arts. His main ‘hat’ is: Dave Ross, Comic Artist.

Dave has achieved the highest levels of his craft as a comic book illustrator. This includes working for the biggest, most recognizable companies in the business, including Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics.

Instructor at Max the Mutt

All of us here at Max the Mutt are especially appreciative and proud of the fact that Dave chose to pass along his experience and knowledge to the next generation of sequential artists. As an Instructor, here at the College, Dave works with students in the Constructive Figure Drawing, Structural Drawing and Intermediate & Advanced Comic Book Composition Penciling courses.

Dave actually helped establish MTM’s Illustration & Storytelling for Sequential Arts Diploma Program, which was the first of its kind in Canada.

Why did Dave choose MTM to pursue his interest as an instructor? Here’s what he says about MTM on his website at

“All (Concept Art and Sequential Arts) are full diploma programs and all share the Founders’ commitment to first and foremost passing on solid drawing and painting skills to the students.

One of the things that I appreciate most about the school is that the class sizes are capped at 20 students. A good amount of ‘one on one time’ between student and teacher is crucial in this field of learning and the smaller class sizes ensure that the students are not shortchanged.”

Dave Ross’ Other Hats

When not passing along his wisdom, or working as an illustrator, concept artist and/or writer; with characters and character development for the most famous names in comics, including Captain America, Spiderman, Batgirl, Star Trek and Daredevil; Dave remains active in the business.

Author: Dave has published an instructional book “Freehand Figure Drawing for Illustrators: Mastering the Art of Drawing from Memory”, which, according to Dave, is to help readers “be able to draw off the top of their heads and figure any camera angle any pose that you can imagine.”

Guest Artist: Dave has participated in numerous national and international comic conventions and book signings around the world, including Toronto, New York, Hong Kong Singapore and Thailand.

To get a better idea of Dave’s scope of work, and the different hats he wears in doing his work, check out his profile at

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