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Toronto Ubisoft Nxt Awards: Max the Mutt’s Adam Homyonylo and Sergi Iranzo Take 2nd and 3rd for Concept Art

Thursday, May 9 was a great evening at Ubisoft Toronto, and a great evening for Max the Mutt’s 2 finalists. They came in second and third for Concept Art in the Nxt Awards competition. In a year when ( for reasons unknown) none of the year 4 graduates entered, Sergi Iranzo, who just completed his second year, came in third, and 2018 graduate Adam Homonylo came in second. Congratulations to all the competitors and to Damir Musken – Fanshawe College, who won first prize! Max the Mutt 2018 grad, and last year’s winner, Dhenzel Obeng was there and so was Zabi Hassan, 2018 graduate and third place winner in 2017. Both are now Concept Artists at Ubisoft Toronto.

Sergi Iranzo, friend, Adam Homonylo, Maxine Schacker, Co-Director, and Hilary Phillips, Concept Art Co-ordinator,  at the Nxt  Awards


Patrick Ingoldsby, UbiSoft art director, with Max the Mutt year 2 student, and second place winner, Sergi Iranzo.


One of the best things about social occasions like this is networking and, for students, getting encouragement and feedback from the pros. Sergi really appreciated getting a chance to speak with Pat.

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