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4 Traits to Look for in an Animation School

Learn how to choose the best animation school for to, to improve your skill.

As one of the leading, private animation schools in Toronto and the GTA, we’re quite proud of the education and training we offer our students. But it’s not just our pride that speaks when we tell potential students about what to look for in a design and animation college.

We’ve been in your shoes too. We constantly doodled. We couldn’t pass up an opportunity to download free versions of the latest animation and graphics packages. And we didn’t just laugh when we watched The Incredibles, we wanted to create and animate characters like Edna too!

With that perspective, we know what students want from a formal animation education. And our experience as professional animators and artists tells us what students need.

Look for These Traits in an Animation School

Whether you choose to enroll in one of the programs at Max the Mutt or at another school, identifying the following characteristics will help you know that you’ve made a good choice.

  1. The Faculty – Who you learn from is just about as important as what you learn. Animation is constantly changing as new technologies and techniques emerge. Instructors should be currently involved in the industry as working professionals if you are to learn according to current industry trends and demands.
  2. The Curriculum – Similar to the idea that faculty should be active in the industry, so too must the curriculum be kept current. This is not just to teach up-to-date skills, but also to help you know what employers are looking for in graduates right now.
  3. Class Size – Regardless of how good the faculty and curriculum are at any school, their effectiveness shrinks as class sizes expand. It’s not difficult to understand the connection between smaller class size and how much individual attention you will get as a student.
  4. A Career Focus – Animation is a profession. Employers look for job candidates who not only have the right skills, but who also demonstrate the level of professionalism that will help the company succeed. In addition to teaching you all the processes, tools and techniques, an animation school should also prepare you for the passion, discipline and commitment needed for you to succeed. 

Max the Mutt’s Animation Program is proudly endorsed by Brown Bag Films where many of our students enjoy internships and other wonderful positions!

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