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Professional Development

Dates: Saturdays, starting Saturday October 5, 2019
(Oct 5, Oct 19, Oct 26, Nov 2, Nov 9, Nov 16, Nov 23, Nov 30, Dec 7, Dec 14, Dec 21, Jan 4)  

Time: 9:30AM-4:30PM (with lunch break)
Location: Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design (2944 Danforth Avenue, Toronto)

To apply, please email with your demo reel. 

Who is this Course for?

  • Individuals interested in obtaining employment as 3D riggers
  • Professionals working as as Animators, Modelers or Generalists who want to specialize in character rigging
  • Individuals who have an engineering or programming background who want to dive into the world of 3D/Visual FX

This 12-week (72 hour) Professional Development course is the first of two courses (totalling 24 weeks), the purpose of which is to prepare participants to enter into the industry as fully trained 3D riggers.*

Why take this course?

  • Riggers are often self-taught, and have to learn on the job through trial and error (inefficient and costly for companies, and hard on riggers who end up with incomplete skillsets)
  • Although online courses exist, their quality is extremely variable, and the curriculum is often stale as it is not regularly updated to reflect the continually and rapidly changing nature of the industry
  • Online courses do not provide in-person individual attention and feedback
  • Many traditional riggers, allow proficient in Maya, also are limited by their lack of programming knowledge

Our 3D Rigging and Python course is different. Taught by a highly experienced and skilled instructor, Alvin Senyahan, this course offers relevant, focused and personalized education.

Alvin, a former 3D modelling engineer who has now worked over 17 years in the Animation and VFX industries, has tailored his approach to mimic real industry settings and expectations. You will walk away with an understanding of what it really means to work as a rigger, as well as all the tools that allow you to be a highly trained and in-demand 3D Rigger. This toolset will include Python programming, which allows our riggers to expand their skillset beyond Maya. These programming skills allow them to produce optimal results in a shorter period of time and make them more desirable as employees.

Read Alvin’s complete bio here.


This 3-month professional development course will focus on building students a good rigging foundation. It will be modelled on the kind of rigging tasks given to new riggers at a company or studio. By the end of this first course, each student will have developed the rigging skills and habits required by a studio for a new rigger.

Students will learn how to rig mechanical assets such as props, vehicles and sets, before being introduced to the basics of rigging bipeds/humans. Python programming will also be taught to help students develop a good understanding on how to make a python program to automate simple routines in Maya.

The course will as closely as possible simulate a real studio rigging environment, and the focus will be on producing a quality rig/asset in the standard time a studio would demand.

Every end of each class, there will be an assignment assigned for completion by the following week. A 3-hour online chat/consultation will be held in the middle of the week to assist students on their homework.

This course will be followed by a second 3-month course focusing on more advanced rigging. At the end of this second course, students will develop the skills required from an intermediate or senior rigger. Students will also be able to turn their weekly assignments into demo reels to present to prospective studios or companies.*

You can view a week-by-week breakdown of the course here.


  • Any type of demo reel that displays a grasp of a basic to intermediate knowledge of Maya (e.g. in 3D Modeling, Animation, Visual FX or a combination)
  • Some knowledge/ability in scripting or programming (preferably C++, Python or Java)

Cost: $1800 + HST

Questions? Please contact Rebecca Melville by email ( or by phone 416-703-6877.

Looking to apply? Please email with your demo reel.


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Professional Development

Professional Development