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Welcome to our 2020 Graduate Showcase for our Concept Art program! We are so proud of the amazing work of this year’s graduates. To book a chat with any of our Concept Art students during our May 20 Graduate Showcase, click their “Schedule a Chat!” button and find a time that works for you. Chat slots are 15 minutes. Please try and join the online event at least 10 minutes before your scheduled chat time, especially if you are not familiar with Discord.

You can also view the Graduate Showcase for our Animation students and our Illustration for Sequential Arts students, and book a chat with them.

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Taylor Burgess

I am a Concept Artist well versed in Photoshop and 2D drawing, with a love for exploration and visualization skills for Creatures and Character Designs. I am intensely passionate and driven with the goal of learning all aspects of AAA games.





Nicole Ducker

Nicole Ducker creates fantastical creatures and wondrous worlds. As a recent graduate of the concept art program at Max the Mutt college of Animation, Art and design, she is eager to put pen to paper and start working as a member of a team. Based in Toronto, Ontario; she can often be found in the midst of creating a new creature or working on studies to continue honing her skills.

Website: https://nicoleducker.weebly.com/  |  Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/nicoleducker



Ben Kruck

As a recent concept artist graduate with a focus on articulate design skills and professional work ethic, I am eager to become an asset to teams specializing in video games and film. I prioritize communication, following specific directions, and completing tasks by given deadlines. I favour characters, creatures, and prop designs overall, but I am also equipped in other aspects of concept art. The desire to project the same amount of love and admiration as I do when producing my work for a project is important to me. I hope to share my love for concept art through my work while inspiring others.




Brandon Miller

Hey! I’m Brandon Miller, a Concept Artist who loves character and prop design, with a strong focus on dynamic shape and colour.  Stylized productions are my ideal target, I love silly and cute themes. I work in both 2D and 3D, with proficiency in Photoshop, Maya, and Z brush. I’m interested in 2D & 3D animation production development, and stylized AAA games. With my combination of technical skills and unique approach to visualization, I am confident that I will be able to make meaningful contributions to any creative, progressive team!

catboymiller.weebly.com  |  artstation.com/catboymiller  |  instagram.com/catboymiller



Jay Naidu

Filled with enthusiasm, dedication, and motivation, I am a concept artist with a burning passion to bring ideas to life through both video games and film. I take pride in my ability to communicate ideas clearly, and work cooperatively in a team setting, embracing challenges with open arms, and constructive positivity. With weapon design, and environment visualization representing my fields of interest, supported by a technical proficiency in Photoshop, Z Brush, Illustrator, Substance Painter, and Maya, I envision making positive contributions to my team and the project at hand. I now want to make the dream of bringing imaginary worlds to life into a reality of working in an industry that has left me with nothing but inspiration.



Yulia Novikova

I am a Canadian illustration and concept artist who specializes in detailed line drawings and humanoid designs. I greatly enjoy the study of history, mythology, and human anatomy, which influenced me to pursue concept art; more specifically, art for games, movies, and books. I’ve had 2 years of experience working with other artists on collaborative pieces, and it’s something I find fun and would love to make a career of. For me, art is both a passion and profession.

yulia.novikova@hotmail.com | 647-291-2284


Amanda Postma

My name is Amanda, I grew up immersed in video game culture and working as a concept artist became my goal. I’ve always had a strong love of colour and design, and feel I can contribute with my painting skills to game development projects. Technical skills support my design work, I am fluent in Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Maya,  Mud Box and Z Brush. One of my strengths is a friendly attitude and ability to get along with others on a team. I’m looking forward to the work of delivering fantastic and interesting worlds to players.

Website: https://jejejoja.artstation.com/




Chamil Prematilake

I am a concept artist eager to dive into a team and contribute to the design of video games and films. I put great emphasis on communication, understanding, education, hard work and constructive positivity in a working environment. Characters, creatures and props inspire me the most, and I dream of helping a great studio bring intriguing, fun ideas to life. Whether it be inspiration, fear, despair, or excitement, the most important role I serve is to help the audience feel some strong emotion for the time they have given me.

Website: www.artofchamil.com  |  Artstation: seizuredreamsart.artstation.com
Instagram: art_of_chamil  |  Email: chamilvici@gmail.com  |  Phone: (1) 647-771-9287



Corrine Stretten

I am a Concept and 3D artist looking for a job in the gaming industry, working in the studio or remotely. I have extensive experience in Photoshop, and a working knowledge of Z brush, Substance Painter, and Maya. I am always willing to learn new programs and gain constructive criticism on my work. I work well in teams and love meeting new people. I am able to work in Canada.

Website – https://corrinestretten9.wixsite.com/corrinestretten  |  Artstation – https://rinnerroo.artstation.com/








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