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The 2D Animation Artist is definitely not a thing of the past – Interview with Josh Hill

Traditional hand-drawn animation is not a thing of the past. Learn how Max the Mutt graduate Josh Hill perfected his skill and is now working for Yowza animation


An Interview with Animator and MTM Graduate Josh Hill by MTM Outreach Director, Natalie Kauffman


It’s a good thing Josh Hill didn’t listen to people’s advice when he was considering what kind of animation to focus on when he started at Max the Mutt (MTM) in 2014. At that time, a lot of people outside of MTM were saying 2D animation also known as traditional hand-drawn animation, was dead. Well, they were wrong.

Josh’s Journey Through Traditional Hand-Drawn Animation

We caught up with Josh, a 2018 Animation Program grad, who discusses getting his first job at YOWZA! Animation for the Netflix Series, Green Eggs and Ham, as a 2D animator. He landed this job while still completing his last year of school. He found out about the job from one of his instructors at MTM who knew that he loved traditional hand-drawn animation. Josh applied for the job by submitting a demo reel, and he got it! “I was on a high kinda after that…’cause I scored my dream job!”. It’s this kind of small community where instructors, who are working professionals, really help our grads to land the job of their dreams, that makes MTM special. 

traditional hand-drawn animation art

Take a listen to hear Josh’s story and find how he’s adjusting to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, and other interesting anecdotes.  Images of Josh’s drawings and video clips are also played throughout the interview so you can get a good glimpse into what he does. For any students currently in or considering a career in animation, particularly 2D animation or traditional hand-drawn animation, this is a great interview of someone who pursued what he loved doing and made it work!

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You can also view the video on Instagram, in Part 1 and Part 2.

Josh Hill is a Max the Mutt graduate who specializes in traditional hand-drawn animation

Thanks Josh! We look forward to hearing what’s next for you!

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