2021 Graduate Showcase – Animation

Welcome to our 2021 Graduate Showcase for our Animation program! What a year – our graduates have put in an incredible number of hours towards their final films, and we sure are proud of it – and of them!

You can view the two films here:

You can also view the Graduate Showcase for our Concept Art students.

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Sophia Klintsaris

Sophia is an aspiring 3D Lighting Artist, who also specializes in Background Painting and Mattes. She likes to take her own environment photos and recreate them as painting studies, to help further her understanding of core painting and lighting theory. You can usually find her painting scenes of clouds and birds throughout various times and settings. With a natural curiosity and a strong enthusiasm to learn, Sophia is always looking for new opportunities to test and improve her skills. 



Amanda McGrenere

Amanda is a hard worker who is extremely passionate about animation. She has a keen eye for detail and is meticulous in her work. She strives for realistic movement and expression in her animation. Her background painting captures the mood and lighting of each specific environment. When creating characters, she endeavours to achieve new ways to express their personalities through colour, line weight and shape language. Frequently taking creative risks in order to expand her artistic vocabulary, Amanda is always looking to learn new things. She pushes herself to learn new art styles or computer programs. She always tries to make her next piece of work better than the last. She is a team player, is adaptable to work in any situation and is unwavering in her ability to capture her audience’s attention.

Eden Armstrong

Eden is a driven, detail-oriented animator with strong drawing skills. She is interested in many different areas of animation production, having experience with layout, rendering, lighting, and an excellent understanding of complex rigging systems. She demonstrates an impressive ability to manage time and work, in addition to working well within a team and stepping up to the plate when issues arise. She is always striving to produce quality work and therefore takes criticism well.

Genny Cayer

Her passion lies in creating distinctive whimsical and fantastical character designs. She is team oriented and always looks to help others. New challenges and finding solutions to unique problems are thrilling to her. Driven, organized and prompt with deadlines, she is a well rounded generalist.


Naomi Losman

My dearest love is telling stories, and animation is my preferred method. I am a team-oriented, enthusiastic addition to any project. I bring a keen eye for detail, strong organization skills and passion for well researched work to each new endeavour.

Ethan Hayes

He has a strong passion for both storytelling and learning. He demonstrates animation principles with attention and confidence. Focused on 3D animation and Layout, but always looking for opportunities to branch out. Very relaxed, works well under pressure.


Iker Carrera

He’s a Hispanic guy with a desire to tell stories. He has lived a lot of multicultural experiences (USA, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, and Canada) which has given him a wide variety of life stories. He’s a creative problem solver and team worker, always on the looking for learning opportunities and creating compelling storytelling.


Similoluwa Adegoke

She is someone who has a deep passion for storytelling and bringing stories to life!
Down to earth, positive and friendly with a keen eye for detail, solid composition and posing skills as well as confident understanding of visual appeal and principle in her work. She is easy to work with, takes direction and feedback well. Above all else she is always eager and willing to learn and develop her skills as an artist to next level.


Rachel Simon

Rachel is a hardworking and talented artist. She is incredibly dedicated to everything she works on. Animation has been a long-time passion and her devotion to continuing to learn is a lifetime ambition. Her work is polished and strong, with an emphasis on human anatomy and movement. She excels as both a team player and in leadership roles. She is quick thinking and will take on whatever is asked of her while motivating herself and others forward.



John Sahin

John is a passionate background painter and layout artist. He tirelessly researches each subject in his works, striving to create unique images through an understanding of realism. As a team member he is a devoted asset, bringing creative nuance and a strong sense of observation to every new project.


Saffron Thornhill

Independent as well as a team player, her goal is to specialize in 2D FX. She is experienced in using Harmony for traditional and rigged animation, and does 2D rigging as a secondary interest as well as creature design in her free time. She enjoys the puzzle-solving of building the more technical parts of a project.




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