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MTM 2018/19 Year One Art Work Speaks For Itself!

.                Joseph Carra, Concept Art year 1


June Yim, Animation year 1


Caroline Gray, Anmation year 1


Hand Study- Yerin Cho


Erin Babler, Illustration, year1


First Year Student Art Show Thurs, Apr 25/19


Why are year one students at MTM able to develop so much in one year? First, all courses seek to explain and teach process. Our curriculum makes no assumptions: everything is taught from the ground up. Our students are motivated and come to MTM knowing they will have to work hard. Class sizes are small, and everyone cares about they are doing. this includes the students, the models, the instructors. Support is available, and instructors have the time to help every student.

(Tyla- can we put the first year video here, or link to it?)

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