• Maxine Schacker


    MAXINE SCHACKER is a Founder and Co-Director of Max the Mutt, is an artist who has exhibited in Montreal, Toronto and New York. She studied with Robert Beverly Hale, world famous Instructor of Drawing and Anatomy at the Art Students League of New York. She has taught painting, life drawing and anatomy for the Illustration and Animation programs at Sheridan College, and the Bell Centre for Creative Communication at Centennial College. Maxine teaches the Mentored Life Drawing course for the Concept Art Diploma Program.

  • Tina Seemann

    Co-Director of Max the Mutt & Coordinator of the Classical & Computer Animation & Production Program and Instructor

    Animal Drawing, Cartooning Instructor

    TINA SEEMANN is a cartoonist and character designer whose work has appeared on many of TV Ontario’s children’s shows of the past. Tina designed the “Max the Mutt” mascot, as well as the characters for the proposed Max the Mutt Animation feature production, The Jazz Bears. She is recently designed the characters and illustrated a Children’s Book written by David Schacker called “The Life and Times of Sir Reginald Tubb: A Bath-time Saga in Verse“. Classically trained in animation, Tina has taught animation at Sheridan College and the Bell Centre for Creative Communication and is director and coordinator of the Classical & Computer Animation & Production Diploma program.

  • Hilary Phillips

    Concept Art for Animation & Video Games Coordinator, Animation Instructor

    3D Film Development & Preproduction for Animation Year 4 Film Project, Animation Basics 1 & 2

    HILARY PHILLIPS is a Director, Character Design Supervisor, and Storyboard Artist who has many years of top animation experience both in Canada and the U.S.A. Graduating with high honors from Sheridan College Classical Animation Program in 1982 Hilary Phillips has worked in the animation industry for more than 30 yrs. She began her career as an animator, primarily in children’s television productions such as the Raccoons, Care Bears, Dragon Tales, but also did some feature work along the way. She directed two TV specials, Railway Dragon and Birthday Dragon. Over the years she became more involved in character design and storyboarding, production design and development. She also has a crossover interest in Live Action film making and special effects design with several shorts and a feature film, Dark Sunrise

  • Kent Burles

    Illustration & Storytelling for Sequential Arts Program Coordinator, Instructor

    History of Sequential Arts, Perspective, Basic to Advanced Inking, Comic Book Composition & Layout for Portfolio, Portfolio Development

    KENT BURLES is an illustrator whose love of the comic and fantasy genres led him into the comic and role-playing game industries. He worked with Malibu Comics on creating a series of Planet of the Apes comic books, as well as a series called The Adventurers. He has also worked on many role playing games by Fasa, Steve Jackson, White Wolf, and recently on Anvil Galaxy and Rifts for Palladium Books. Kent is a Max the Mutt’s Coordinator for the Illustration & Storytelling for Sequential Arts Diploma Program.

  • Greg Beettam

    Greg Beettam

    Illustration & Storytelling for Sequential Arts Program Coordinator, Instructor

    Cinematic Storytelling & Story Development, Graphic Novel Writing & Illustration, Character Design, Perspective, Principles of Drawing

    GREG BEETTAM is a veteran Comic Book/ Graphic Novel artist, freelance Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Writer and Visual Storytelling Expert, with 20+ years experience. Greg co-wrote a comic called Xeno’s Arrow with Stephen Geigen-Miller. In addition to his work in comics, graphic novels and cartooning, he has worked in advertising as a concept artist, specializing in storyboards, story development, script-writing, and presentation design. Greg has been a integral part in the planning, and shares the Coordinator position, for our new Illustration & Storytelling for Sequential Arts 4 year Diploma Program. He is a valuable member of the MTM faculty family.

  • Ed Shawcross photo

    Ed Shawcross


    Advanced & Intermediate Life Drawing, Principles of Drawing

    ED SHAWCROSS is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art, and an artist with many exhibitions to his credit. He has taught at Sheridan College and Dundas Valley, and is past President of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour. He is a dedicated educator, and, in addition to his own classes, is the Coordinator for year one life drawing for all programs.

  • Dave Ross


    Constructive Figure Drawing, Structural Drawing, Intermediate & Advanced Comic Book Composition Penciling

    DAVE ROSS has drawn and written for Marvel Comics and DC Comics on Captain America, Spiderman, Batgirl, Star Trek, Daredevil, Birds of Prey and JLA: Act of God, among many other projects. Dave recently published and toured with his instructional book “Freehand Figure Drawing for Illustrators: Mastering the Art of Drawing from Memory” which was published by Random House LLC. He was also an artist for the Rai series at Valiant Comics, and has worked as a concept designer and layout artist for animation. One of the founders of MTM’s Illustration & Storytelling for Sequential Arts Diploma Program, he works with Kent Burles, and now also Greg Beettam, to review and fine tune the program and develop curriculum.

  • Adrian Hansen


    3D Animation Production

    ADRIAN HANSEN worked for more than 10 years as both a 2D and 3D animator and is skilled in classical as well as computer animation. He has animated for major Toronto studios and game companies such as Guru Studio, Arc Productions, Pipeline Studios, Silicon Knights and Yowza Animation. He also has experience working Cinematics and In-game cycles for video games and performing and working on motion capture stunt work. His credits include work on major shows such as Thomas and Friends, Bubble Guppies, Paw Patrol and the beautiful Ever After High films. Adrian has been a valuable addition to MTM’s Classical & Computer Animation & Production program’s faculty.

  • Alan Howell

    Alan Howell


    Beginning & Advanced Life Drawing, Drawing Props & Objects

    ALAN HOWELL has worked as an illustrator and designer, comic book artist, and caricaturist. Alan is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art. He has many years of experience as an Illustrator. His work appears in numerous book illustrations for Alexander Press and other publishing companies. He works in traditional and digital materials. Alan joined MTM’s faculty in Fall 2017 to teach for our Illustration & Storytelling for Sequential Arts and Concept Art programs.

  • Apollo Okamura


    Toon Boom Harmony Instructor

    APOLLO OKAMURA With 20 years of professional experience in the art industry, Apollo Okamura has worked in fashion, advertising, comics, games, and of course, animation. During this time, he’s had the pleasure of working on well known licenses such as Robotech, Transformers, and the Ninja Turtles. While Apollo is classically trained in traditional animation, he’s also a big proponent for modern digital integration and has worked closely with Toon Boom as a certified trainer, working with several animation studios, including Big Jump, Bento Box, and Chuck Gammage Animation. Apollo’s love for drawing is only surpassed by his passion for teaching and has been honoured to teach at many animation schools around the world, including these notable North American colleges: Sheridan College, Algonquin College, and Savannah College of Art and Design.

  • Chris Brown


    Introduction to Concept Art

    CHRIS BROWN is an illustrator, designer and concept artist working in film, television and print. Chris is currently a prop and character designer for Corus/Nelvana where he last worked on Bubble Guppies. Chris is a graduate of our Concept Art Diploma program and we are happy to have him join the MTM faculty family.

  • Christel Bartelse


    Acting for Animation

    CHRISTEL BARTELSE is a 4 time Canadian Comedy Award nominee, actor, writer, comedian and clown. A graduate of Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, and Second City Conservatory, her work has been presented in both Canada and the US. She is an original member and co-creator of the comedy duo “The Burnt Marshmallows,” and is currently a member of “Faustwork Mask Theatre.” Christel has developed and performed in three solo shows which have been nominated for the Canadian Comedy Award ,“Best One Person Show”.  Her fourth show, “All KIDding Aside” was presented and well received at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017.  Her latest show, “The Surprise,”  is a clown piece directed by Andy Massingham, presented at Next Stage Festival 2018. (Factory Theatre) . Christel teaches acting courses for students in the Classical & Computer Animation & Production Diploma Program at MTM, and also teaches for The Toronto Film School and Humber College.

  • Cilbur Rocha



    CILBUR ROCHA is a Storyboard artist and has also worked as an Assistant Director, 2D Animator, Assistant Animator, Character, Prop and Location designer since 1992. During his career, spanning studios all over Toronto, Montreal, Mumbai and Goa, Cilbur has worked on feature films like Disney’s “Princess and the Frog”, “Kronk’s New Groove”, “Winnie the Pooh”, Universal Pictures’ “Curious George”, DreamWorks’ Joseph And The King of Dreams; for Warner Bros’ Osmosis Jones; for Fox Studio’s “Anastasia”, and short films for UNICEF and UNESCO. In TV he has worked on shows such as “Arthur”, “Camp Lakebottom”, “George of the Jungle”, “Busytown Mysteries”, “Jojo’s Circus” and commercials for Honey Nut Cheerios, Rice Krispies, Nesquik and Tony the Tiger, to name a few. We were very happy to have Cilbur join MTM’s faculty to teach Storyboarding for our Classical & Computer Animation & Production program.

  • Daniel St. Amant


    Digital Matte Painting

    DANIEL ST AMANT has experience in both Animation and VFX. He currently does compositing for 2D and 3D feature Films. His duties include matte painting, full CG integration, as well as crowd replacements and set extensions. His traditional fine art background (check out his website!) coupled with his visual effects training makes him another wonderful addition to MTM’s faculty! Daniel will be teaching for our Concept Art diploma program.

  • David Huynh


    Intro to 3D Computer Animation

    DAVID HUYNH, a graduate of Max the Mutt, has been a 3D Technical Director for Corus/Nelvana in Toronto for several years where he worked on the TV series “Bravest Warriors“, and is now a 2D Computer Animation Technical Director. David joined the MTM faculty family to teach 3D Computer Animation to the Classical & Computer Animation & Production program.

  • Alvin L. Senyahan

    Professional Development Instructor

    3D Rigging and Python

    ALVIN L. SENYAHAN learned to sketch and paint at an early age, taking a particular interest in still-life and landscape. He started out his career as a practicing licensed Civil Engineer, providing 3D engineering, design and modeling services. He soon became interested in visual effects, and left engineering to pursue this profession along with 3D modeling, character rigging, animation and compositing. While studying animation at Centennial, he was scooped up by CORE studios. Since then, he has worked in a number of studios, including Gallus Entertainment (3D modeler/rigger), Optix Digital (3D generalist), Soho Vfx (3D generalist), Sinking Ship Entertainment (3D effects lead, 3D generalist, rigging), and Guru Studios (3D Rigger). He’s worked on a wide range of productions including commercial ads, TV series and feature films.

  • Genvieve Forte

    Genevieve Forte


    Lighting for 3D Computer Animation

    GENEVIEVE FORTE is a lighting artist, digital artist and compositor with over a decade of work experience. She has worked on 2D & 3D animation and VFX productions in studios all over Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Genevieve has worked most recently on films like “Ghost in the Shell“, and “The Mummy“, to name a couple. She is currently working as a lead lighting artist for Awesome Entertainment here in Toronto. Genevieve joined the MTM faculty to teach Lighting for 3D Computer Animation to the Classical & Computer Animation & Production program’s Year 4 students.
  • Greg Gibbons


    Concept Art Final Project

    GREG GIBBONS graduated with high honors from Sheridan College Classical animation program in 1982. He began as a traditional background/matte painter with acrylic, gouache, and watercolor. He has worked on twelve animated features, such as “Space Jam“, “Iron Giant“, and “Spirit” (department supervisor, color stylist on some) He’s worked on several television series and specials, and as matte painting supervisor on live-action the feature films, “Watchmen“, “Traitor” and “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans“. Also matte painting supervisor on the animated feature “Free Birds“. More recently he was the art director on the TV series “Paw Patrol”, and currently he is the lead designer at Industrial Brothers on the TV series “Top Wing“. He’s experienced with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, 2D painting, PDI proprietary 3D surfacing and lighting software (LINUX based) Maya and Nuke. With all of Greg’s experience he has been a wonderful addition to the MTM faculty family teaching for our Concept Art diploma program.

  • Gregory Wright


    Character Design for 2D Animation

    GREGORY WRIGHT has spent most of his career as a 2D and 3D generalist. Which has lead him to work in various projects in Motion Graphics, VFX, and animation for feature film and television. He is currently a Character Designer working at Brown Bag Films in Toronto where he completed season one of the Netflix series “The Magic School Bus Rides Again”. Gregory is a valuable member of MTM’s faculty family and has been teaching for our Classical & Computer Animation & Production program.
  • Jock MacRae


    Beginning Life Drawing, Traditional Colour Illustration for Comics & Covers

    JOCK MACRAE is a skilled illustrator and graphic designer. He has been an art director, has worked in advertising and has extensive experience as a children’s book illustrator, for publishers such as Kids Can Press, Nelsons, Key Porter and Bayard Press, among others. Jock has also been the graphic designer for much of Max the Mutt’s promotional materials, like our annual Course Calendars. Jock is a major part of year one drawing faculty, and also teaches illustration and graphic design for our Illustration & Storytelling for Sequential Arts and Concept Art programs.

  • John Newton


    Representational Painting, Digital Painting, Principles of Drawing

    JOHN NEWTON is a graduate from the Concept Art program in 2011. He has since worked for a variety of clients including Corus, Nelvana, Le Cheval Noir, and private clients, as a background painter, colour key artist, storyboard artist, and concept designer.

  • Jonathan Standing


    Advanced Environment Design & Painting in Photoshop, Final Project, Portfolio Development

    JONATHAN STANDING is a Concept Artist with over ten years of experience in Illustration, Graphic Art and Concept Art in Games. His specialties include character design, rotations, production drawings, background paintings, narrative paintings, cinematic storyboards, and gameplay storyboards. While working at Silicon Knights he contributed designs, storyboards and 2D production art to prototypes for numerous AAA games. He has experience working as a freelance artist as well as working seamlessly in-house as part of a larger Art Dept. Jonathan has been a valued member of the MTM faculty family teaching and former coordinator for the Concept Art Diploma Program.

  • Josh Hagley


    Advanced 3D Computer Rigging and Modelling

    JOSH HAGLEY currently works on feature films as a Senior 3D Asset Creator, doing lead character rigging, scripting, and modelling. He is known for his work on Max Steel (2016), Double Bang (2001) and Bubble Guppies (2011). His fine art background and knowledge of classical as well as computer animation make him a valuable and welcome addition to MTM’s faculty!

  • Keith Fukumoto


    Introduction to 2D Computer Animation

    KEITH FUKUMOTO  is a 2006 graduate of Max the Mutt’s Classical & Computer Animation Basics Program. Over the last decade, Keith has held animation positions such as designer, rigger, scene planner, senior animator and supervisor at many different studios across the city as well as occasionally completing self employed animation work on the side.  Currently working full time at Portfolio Entertainment, Keith is also currently the instructor for the 2D computer (Flash) animation course for our Classical & Computer Animation & Production 4 Year Diploma Program.  Keith’s animation work can be seen in the popular television shows “The Cat in the Hat knows a Lot About That“, “Ever After High“, “Chirp” and “What’s your News“.  

  • Mathias Horhager


    Year 4 Animation Production & Animation Project Director

    MATHIAS HORHAGER is an experienced Director, currently working for Industrial Brothers where he directed Jim Henson’s award winning series “Dot“. He has many years of industry experience as a storyboard artist, layout artist and director. In 2013 he was the Director, Producer, Writer, Editor and Storyboard Artist for “I Hate You Red Light,” an award winning short that won Best animated short at the Canadian International Film Festival. He joins MTM as the Director of the Animation & Animation Production 3D Film Project for our Classical & Computer Animation & Production program.

  • Meaghan Carter


    Cartooning for Comics, Cartooning

    MEAGHAN CARTER Meaghan is a graduate of Max the Mutt’s Illustration for Sequential Arts Diploma program and joined MTM’s faculty family to teach Cartooning for the Illustration & Storytelling for Sequential Arts and Concept Art programs.Meaghan is the author of the YA webcomics Take Off, and the ongoing Godslave series. Her work primarily features female leads, character drama and interactions with otherworldly beings. She’s also been a part of the Valor fairytale anthology, The Secret Loves of Geek Girls anthology, and the Toronto Comics anthologies. Meaghan has also contributed her creative talents to The Pitiful Human-Lizard with Jason Loo.

  • Michael Concannon


    Environment Visualization

    MICHAEL CONCANNON has worked in the animation industry for over 13 years and is an accomplished digital artist creating designs, freelance illustration, webcomics, backgrounds and animation for TV show Pilots, shows, film and games. He is currently a Toon Boom Harmony Animator at Portfolio Entertainment. Michael also enjoys painting both digitally and traditionally in his free time. He has experience as a Props and Objects Designer, Stop motion, Inbetween and Key Animator, Location and Background Designer, Digital Background Painter, and Concept artist for shows like “Hot Streets“, “Bravest Warriors“, “Cat in the Hat“, “Celebrity Deathmatch“, to name a few, and from studios like 9 Story Entertainment, Solis Animation and Cuppa Coffee. We are pleased to have Michael join the MTM faculty family to teach for our Concept Art program.

  • Mike Gagnon


    Digital Media for Artists, Scripting for Comics, Computer Colouring & Lettering for Comics

    MIKE GAGNON is an artist and writer, who works mostly in the comic book industry. His studio, Hammer Comics, is based in Hamilton, Ontario. His work has been published worldwide by companies such as Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Jack Lake Productions (Classics Illustrated), and many small press publications. Mike is a valued member of the MTM faculty family for the Illustration & Storytelling for Sequential Arts program.

  • Milan Pavlovic


    Illustration for Children's Books, Traditional & Computer Graphics

    MILAN PAVLOVIC is an award-winning illustrator and graphic artist specializing in illustrations for children, advertising, animation, editorials, and comics. Having BA in book design and MA in illustration, he began his career in Serbia, and as an Instructor he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. Milan is the Illustrator for several children’s book publications for Groundwood Books including, “Danny, Who Fell In A Hole”, “Kabungo“, and “Seamus’s Short Story“. Milan is a valued member of the MTM faculty family and teaches for the Illustration & Storytelling for Sequential Arts and Concept Art programs.

  • Nenad Peric


    3D for Concept Art, Modelling, and Asset Development for Games

    NENAD PERIC came to Canada from Serbia, where he worked for as 3D modeller for Glossyrey. He is now working in Toronto as a 3D Artist/ Modeler for Soho VFX where projects he’s worked on include Deadpool 2, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix. He’s been commended for his artistic excellence and is a welcome addition to MTM’s faculty! Nenad will be teaching for our Concept Art program.

  • Noelle Hunt


    Background Painting for Animation

    NOELLE HUNT is an experienced Background Painter and Colour Stylist currently working for Nelvana in Toronto. Her previous experience includes assisting with story ideas, design concepts, and voice actor selection. She has also worked on props and wigs for stop motion animation. Noelle will be a great addition to MTM’s faculty family and will be teaching for our Classical & Computer Animation & Production program.

  • Piotr Bielicki


    Cinematic Language, Storyboard and Layout, Story Telling & Story Development, Introduction to Storyboarding & Film Language

    PIOTR BIELICKI has over 30 years of professional experience in production design, production layout, storyboarding and animation for TV series and feature films. He has worked for Disney Feature Animation for many years on projects including “Mulan” (layout artist: journeyman) , “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” (layout artist), “Pocahontas” (key layout/workbook) and many others. Since returning to Canada, Piotr has been involved in art direction and direction for live action and animated educational films. His passion for film and animation education makes him an exciting addition to MTM’s faculty and will be teaching courses for both our Classical & Computer Animation & Production and Concept Art Diploma Programs.

  • Rae Dickey


    2D Computer Animation

    RAE DICKEY is a MTM graduate and an award winning animator with a technical brain. She is experienced with working in Flash, Harmony and Maya. She has particular expertise in Harmony having supervised 2D Rigging since early 2013 at Guru Studios. She has worked on a number of 2D and 3D shows, the most recent being Paw Patrol, and Ever After High at Guru. We are very happy Rae joined MTM’s faculty family to teach 2D Computer Animation for our Classical & Computer Animation & Production program.

  • Roksolana Tchotchieva


    Representational Painting, Figurative Drawing

    ROKSOLANA TCHOTCHIEVA is a fine artist who was trained at the V.I. Surikov State Academic Institute of Fine Arts in Moscow, where she studied for seven years. She is currently an exhibiting fine artist, and at Max the Mutt, is in charge of overseeing all representational painting courses and a Figurative Drawing course for our Concept Art Diploma Program.

  • Scott Cameron


    Design & Composition, Colour & Water Based Media, Colour Theory & Background Painting

    SCOTT CAMERON has been an illustrator since he graduated from Ontario College of Art in 1984. He was a background painter for Disney Canada. As an illustrator he has numerous credits including magazine covers and children’s books. He was nominated for a Governor General’s Award for Illustration for his work on Beethoven Lives Upstairs. Scott has been a valuable member of MTM’s faculty family who has taught courses for all of our Diploma Programs and will be our Year 2 Coordinator for the Classical & Computer Animation & Production diploma program for this coming school year.

  • Steve Millard


    Advanced Life Drawing, Anatomy, Drawing Heads & Features, Drawing Hands & Feet, Drawing for Animation

    STEVE MILLARD started his career in animation working for Walt Disney Canada on such projects as “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas“, and “Peter Pan: Return to Neverland“. He has also worked as a character designer for Nelvana and 9 Story Animation. As a fine artist, he has exhibited drawings and paintings in Oakville and Toronto. Steve has been a valuable member of the MTM faculty family, since 2008, teaching advanced courses for all 3 of our Diploma Programs.

  • Tabitha Fisher


    Introduction to Photoshop

    TABITHA FISHER is a 2007 graduate of MTM’s Classical & Computer Animation Basics Program and has been working at studios across Toronto ever since. In 2011 she wrote and directed the short film “Missed Connection” as part of the National Film Board‘s Hothouse program for emerging filmmakers. Tabitha currently supervises Locations and Layout on “Hotel Transylvania: The Series” at Nelvana. Tabitha teaches an Introduction to Photoshop intensive course for our Classical & Computer Animation & Production and Concept Art Diploma Programs.

  • Tracy Grant


    3D Animation Production, History of Animation & Animation Production Process

    TRACY GRANT has contributed to over 500 episodes of television programming in addition to her work in film, live events and corporate communications. Tracy has produced the animated series “Marty & Gerard” and “Paws & Tales”; the award winning short films “Birthdeus X” and “Waking Gus”; and the 2016 animated feature “Spark” featuring the voices of Jessica Biel, Susan Sarandon, Hilary Swank and Patrick Stewart. She was a VFX Producer on the Jack Black feature film, “Goosebumps”. In addition to her work in animation, Tracy has produced live action television series for HGTV, Life Network and W. We are very happy to have Tracy as a member of the MTM faculty family. With all of her experience in the Animation and Film industry, she has much to offer our Classical & Computer Animation & Production diploma program students.

  • Ulysses Esguerra


    3D Character Animation, Character Design for Animation & Video Games

    ULYSSES ESGUERRA is a 3D Lead Animator currently working for Guru Studios in Toronto. His prior experience includes animating for many other top Canadian companies, including Red Rover Studios (now House of Cool), Canuck Creations and Arc Productions. He also has traditional feature animation experience as a classical animator. His talents include character design as well as animating. Ulysses has been an important addition to the MTM faculty family and has taught for both our Classical & Computer Animation & Production and Concept Art diploma programs.