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Top-Rated Art Workshops in Toronto

We offer a variety of exciting digital, animation, and art workshops and courses outside our diploma programs. We have courses that appeal to those from every background – from the complete beginner, to the occasional hobbyist, to the working professional. We pride ourselves on the quality of our offerings, and all of our courses are held to the same high standard as our diploma programs. This means you always get:

      • A small class size
      • Instructors who are industry professionals
      • A supportive and fun environment

Our Winter Schedule is now available!
Check out our Winter courses below. More courses will be added in the New Year. 

Workshops provide instruction within a specific area of study, such as cartooning, comic books, gaming, animation (classical, 2D and 3D), and life drawing. Our aim is to provide you with a fun and educational experience either building new skills or enhancing the ones you already have.  Many of our art workshops in Toronto are targeted at beginners, hobbyists and those considering a career in a related field. Some are also suitable for those within arts or animation-based careers wishing to enhance their portfolios or develop their skill set in a particular area.

Our “Learn to Draw” Portfolio Development course is a great introduction to the basics of representational drawing. It provides you with the opportunity to develop your life drawing, basic composition, perspective, and free hand & constructive drawing skills, and is highly recommended to anyone planning to apply to an arts program.

Professional Development courses are designed for working industry professionals to help advance them in their careers.

Our intensive 6-week Certificate Program (offered during the summer) is for students who will be applying to art-based post-secondary programs to build their skills and ensure they are portfolio-ready. Successful completion of this certificate is considered equivalent to some of the requirements for applying to our Max the Mutt Diploma Programs.


Current Workshops, Professional Development & Portfolio Development Courses:
  • Digital Animation for Everyone! – Saturdays

    February 22, 2020 $445.00

    In this hands-on, 10-week workshop students will embark on a fun, project-based exploration of digital animation through Adobe After Effects. They’ll learn how anyone can use animation to spice up their everyday projects with this intuitive animation course in Toronto, by animating photographs, memes, logos, greeting cards, and more!   Students will learn a variety […]

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  • Introduction to Animation – Saturdays

    February 22, 2020 $400.00

    Join us for an exciting journey into the fundamentals of traditional hand-drawn animation. Participants will learn the same tools and principles the pros use, dating all the way back to the early days of Disney. We’ll start by exploring key animation concepts such as squash and stretch, timing, and spacing, working our way towards animating […]

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  • Traditional Animation 2 – Saturdays

    February 22, 2020 $400.00

    Dive deeper into the art of traditional hand-drawn animation! Students will learn more advanced character animation principles and techniques. They’ll also get to explore the art of hand drawn special effects like fire, water, smoke, fabric, and create multilayered animated scenes, synced with sound. This animation workshop builds on the animation skills students learned in Introduction […]

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  • Comic Books for Adults – Tuesdays

    February 25, 2020 $400.00

    Develop your skills as a comic creator! In our comic book drawing classes, students will be introduced to the exciting world of comic construction, from how you brainstorm your initial idea to the creation of a full-sized page. Our experienced instructor will guide you through the various stages of creating a comic, including scripting, layout […]

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  • Costume Sketching – Saturdays

    February 29, 2020 $325.00

    For those looking to sketch and design distinct, interesting costumes and clothing for every range of character, this Costume Sketching art workshop is a must! By the end of this class, students will have the tools they need to sketch, draw, and design dynamic costumes and outfits for any kind of character. Costume Design is […]

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  • Introduction to Life Drawing – Saturdays

    February 29, 2020 $400.00

    Life Drawing is an important building block for all arts-based careers. It’s also an essential skill for any artist to develop, not to mention a great source of relaxation and stress-relief. This Life Drawing course follows the teaching methods of the celebrated Kimon Nicolaides, designed to allow anyone to improve their technique and recommended by […]

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  • Winter Learn to Draw: Portfolio Development

    February 29, 2020 $875.00

    Top-Rated Drawing Classes in Toronto The Fall Learn to Draw: Portfolio Development workshop is a great introduction to the fundementals of representational drawing. If you are planning to apply to arts programs, this is a “must” and an opportunity to build your portfolio. It’s also a great opportunity for anyone looking to generally improve their drawing […]

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