Kids & Teens

  • ONLINE! Introduction to Traditional Animation – Saturdays

    May 1, 2021 $400.00 + HST

    An exciting intro to the fundamentals of animation. We will be exploring techniques in 2D hand-drawn animation that can later be applied to any animation medium down the road. This intuitive 2D animation course will allow you to explore and foster your creativity. Beginning with simple but important concepts like Timing and Spacing, Squash and […]

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  • ONLINE! Traditional Animation 2 – Tuesdays

    May 4, 2021 $400.00 + HST

    Building on what we learned in the introduction to traditional animation, students will delve deeper into the animation principles and character movement animation.  We’ll discuss how to create believable movement, motion and action, the subtle details and the little extras that bring a character to life. Some of the demos and exercises will include: 4 […]

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  • ONLINE! Creating a Webcomic Series From Start to Finish – Tuesdays

    March 9, 2021 $400.00 + HST

    Do you have an idea for a webcomic that you’re dying to develop? Or have you been working on one but haven’t been able to finish it? In this webcomic workshop, we’ll work on the essential fundamentals for making a webcomic that readers will want to follow day after day. Whether your style is comedy, […]

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