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Cost of materials is not included in the cost of workshops


Our Online Professional Development Workshops may feature recordings of live sessions for students to review. Please check the Materials list as well as Location when examining a particular workshop for specific details about whether this will be implemented.

  • ONLINE! Introduction to Autodesk Maya – Wednesdays

    January 26, 2022 $850.00 + HST

    A great introduction to animating in 3D! You’ll learn the interface as well as the tools and setup that you will need to start animating in Maya. You will start by doing a simple bouncing ball animation. You will then move on to working with a bipedal (two legged) character, first doing simple poses and […]

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  • ONLINE! Animation Basics for Professional Development

    February 10, 2022, March 5, 2022 $75.00 + HST

    The Animation Basics for Professional Development workshop is led by instructor Bryce Hallett. This workshop will introduce techniques for 2D hand-drawn animation that can later be applied to any animation medium down the road. This intuitive 2D animation course will begin with simple but important concepts like timing, spacing, squash and stretch, animating arcs, walk […]

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  • ONLINE! Digital Painting for Professional Development

    February 24, 2022, March 28, 2022, April 16, 2022 $95.00 + HST

    The Digital Painting Workshop for Professional Development, led by instructor Maya Ivanova at Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design will introduce the basic concepts, tools, and techniques used in the industry of 2D digital painting and concept art today. The course is focused on providing a quick introduction to the practical tools […]

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