Summer Workshops

Workshops & Camps

Seasonal listings for 20xx are coming soon! Check back the week of xx, 20xx.

Workshops provide instruction within a specific area of study, such as cartooning, flash animation, or sculpture.

Our classes are taught by the same industry professionals who teach our diploma programs. They offer you the opportunity to build new skills or enhance the ones you already have.

Our aim is to offer you a mini experience that will help hobbyists produce work, and will at the same time give those who may be considering a career the opportunity to decide if this is really the area they want to pursue.

“Learn To Draw” is a portfolio program that provides you with the opportunity to make headway developing life drawing, perspective and still-life drawing skills.

During the summer, Max the Mutt also offers an intensive 6 week Certificate Program for students who will be applying to art-based post-secondary programs. Successful completion of this program, provides some of the requirements for the application to Max the Mutt Diploma Programs.