Summer Workshops

Cost of materials is not included in the cost of workshops.


Our intensive 6-week Certificate Program (offered during the summer) is for students who will be applying to art-based post-secondary programs to build their skills and ensure they are portfolio-ready. Successful completion of this certificate is considered equivalent to some of the requirements for applying to our Max the Mutt Diploma Programs.

*Please note that certificates are only provided to students of the Fine Art Portfolio Development Certificate Program. General workshops can be listed on you CV or Resume upon completion, and letters of recommendation may be provided by the instructor upon request.

Our Online Workshops may feature recordings of live sessions for students to review. Please check the Materials list as well as Location when examining a particular workshop for specific details about whether this will be implemented.


  • Weapon Design for Characters

    July 1, 2021 $400.00 + HST

    “Weapon Design for Characters” – Great design is all about characters and their weapons made specifically for them. In this special workshop, students will learn all about about making great weapons and the step by step process behind creating them. Each class, students will be taught a complete process behind designing weapons for a wide […]

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  • ONLINE! Single Session Life Drawing – Wednesdays

    May 5, 2021, June 2, 2021, July 7, 2021, July 21, 2021, August 4, 2021, August 18, 2021 $45.00 + HST

    These Single Session Life Drawing workshops focus on the important building blocks for all arts-based careers. It’s also an essential skill for any artist to develop, not to mention a great source of relaxation and stress-relief. This Life Drawing workshop follows the teaching methods of the celebrated Kimon Nicolaides, designed to allow anyone to improve […]

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  • ONLINE! Understanding Backgrounds In Comics – Tuesdays

    June 1, 2021 $300.00 + HST

    Ages 13+. MTM alumni-led course.  Like drawing comics but find they might be… Lacking something? Or maybe backgrounds in any illustration just isn’t your strong suit? That’s okay! This workshop is designed to be technically heavy as it will include Perspective and Structural elements to help artists push outside of their comfort zone to develop […]

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  • ONLINE! Introduction to ZBrush – Thursdays

    June 3, 2021 $575.00 + HST

    Whether you’re looking to develop your current familiarity with 3D modeling and sculpting, or are just starting out, this Introduction to ZBrush workshop will help you develop the skills you need to create a character bust (chest & head)! The first session will include an introduction ZBrush’s User Interface and familiarize you with the main […]

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  • ONLINE! Introduction to Comics Camp – Mon. to Fri.

    July 5, 2021 $85.00 + HST

    AGES 8-14. Beginner Course. MTM alumni-led course.  This beginner friendly comics camp will focus on drawing comics for storytelling!  Through this workshop, students will have the opportunity to layout a story in pictures and frames, learn where to place speech bubbles for ease of reading, and how to make their own short comic from start […]

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  • Fine Art Portfolio Development Summer Intensive Certificate Program

    July 5, 2021 $2430 + H.S.T.

        Introduction to Fine Art Portfolio Development Summer Intensive Certificate Program This workshop will be online!    Upon registration, please submit 3 – 10 current portfolio pieces in a .jpeg format not exceeding more that 1200 x 1200 pixels in size to Files should be submitted with your name clearly labeled on the […]

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