May 26 & 27, Year End Open House at Max the Mutt! Graduate Work on View!

Posted:May 08 2018

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You are cordially invited to Max the Mutt’s annual year-end Open House & Exhibition of Graduate and Undergraduate work!                Saturday and Sunday, May 26th & 27th On view:  student films, slide shows of  concept art environments, props and character designs, children’s books and comic book art!     […]

Just What Are Sequential Arts?

Sometimes, even the most complex names and terminology are actually quite easy to understand, and sequential arts falls into that category. You might be stumped on first hearing the term, but it’s really very simple. Drawings and/or images that are used in a sequence (suddenly it’s starting to make sense, eh?!) to tell or illustrate […]

Why Concept Art is So Important

Posted:April 15 2018

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Even if you’ve heard about concept art, it can still be difficult to understand why it’s so important for animation and video game projects. What is Concept Art? It might help to start with what concept art is not. It’s not a simple illustration of a concept. It’s not a sketch or layout of an […]

8 Graphic Novel Stats You Need to Know

Before we reveal some of the impressive graphic novel stats that every aspiring illustrator and/or storyboard artist should know, it’ll help to clarify just what is a ‘graphic novel’. Except that’s not so easy. Wikipedia even says “the term is not strictly defined” and “…the exact definition of a graphic novel is debated…”. Other definitions […]

Classical Animation Isn’t Dead!

Posted:March 16 2018

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Any rumors, or even statements of fact from ‘experts’, that classical animation is dead proves the truth of they old saying “those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. In a curious repetition of history, every time a new medium comes along, claims that the old media are dead seem to come […]

April 28 & 29 Open House, Featuring An Exhibition of Year One Student Art Work !

Posted:March 07 2018

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You are cordially invited to Max the Mutt’s April 28 & 29 Open House exhibition of year one student art work!  Visit us and celebrate with us their impressive achievements! Our Open House, featuring an exhibition of year one student art work, is a special annual event. One of the major differences between Max the […]

Year 4 Animation Student Josh Hill’s Dreams Are Coming True: He’s Animating Classically On A Production!

Posted:February 05 2018

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“This is where I have to be!” Josh Hill announced after he toured our Queen St. W. premises back in 2014. He found out about Max the Mutt through a local art supply store in his home town, Orangeville Ontario. After finishing a one-year college program, he was working retail and still drawing in his […]

Congratulations Zabi, Dhenzel, Adam and Josh!

Posted:December 26 2017

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Congratulations to year 4 students who are working for top companies part time before graduation! Concept Art student – Zabi Hassan received a concept art paid internship at UbiSoft last summer, was asked to stay on in September while completing year 4 at MTM, and is currently part of a team developing a new game!  He […]

Jan 27/28 OPEN HOUSE at MTM: January 27th Info Session at 11:30 AM!

Posted:November 10 2017

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  You are cordially invited to Max the Mutt’s January 27/28 Open House ! Why do our graduates do so well? Why were we ranked first in North America for Digital Illustration & 3rd in the world by The Rookies, an international website supported by major companies worldwide? Why are our employment rates so high? Visit […]

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