Max the Mutt Open House Saturday & Sunday, February 2nd and 3rd


Open House February 2019

Max the Mutt’s invites you to our first Open House of the New Year! 

On Saturday, February 2

  •  Doors Open at 11:00 am
  •  Information Session begins at 11:30 am
  •  Followed by a tour of the College

The Information Session introduces you to Max the Mutt, a college started 23 years ago by professional animators & artists. MTM is a community dedicated to top quality instruction, small class size, and an emphasis on professionalism. Most of our instructors are current working professionals. This contributes to their passion and energy for teaching at the college.

Learn all about our 3 diploma programs, Classical & Computer Animation & Production, Illustration & Storytelling for Sequential Arts, and Concept Art for Animation & Video Games, and the careers they prepare you for, followed by a tour of the college. 

Open House February 2019

Open House January 2018



Stay on for a complimentary one hour workshop with Tina Seemann, Co-Director and Animation Program Coordinator, on Creating Animal Characters for Animation.

Tina Seemann at Royal Winter Fair 2018

Tina Seemann at Royal Winter Fair 2018


Open House February 2019

MTM students drawing at the Royal Ontario Museum


 If you plan to attend the workshop please bring your sketch book and drawing materials. You’re also welcome to bring along your lunch!

You can RSVP for Saturday events by contacting us at 416-703-6877, or emailing us at 


On Sunday, February 3

We are open from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm for pre-booked private tours and information sessions ! 

To book your Sunday private tour and information session, click HERE

Or email us at: and include a contact telephone number

Happy New Year! We look forward to meeting you!

Open House February 2019

Orientation Week 2018 – International Year 1 students


Open House February 2019

Concept Art room during Industry Night 2018


 What makes Max the Mutt unique?

First, we were founded in the late 1990’s by artists and animators passionate about their arts and concerned that aesthetic sensibility and skills get passed on to future generations. We care about the quality of popular culture, and we care about our students. Most Max the Mutt instructors to this day are working, industry professionals. They bring passion, and knowledge of current industry needs and practices into the classroom. Class size is small, standards are high, community and professionalism are emphasized. Our curriculum is developmental, and includes a first year with emphasis on basic traditional art skills like life drawing, perspective, design & composition,  skills that are necessary for success in any arts-based career, and that not all talented young people have had the good luck to develop. We understand that traditional skills are required for excellence using computer programs, and that excellence in both areas is now a requirement for successful careers. We consider ourselves the college that offers opportunity. At Max the Mutt we teach; we don’t expect you to arrive with fully developed skills, but we do expect you to arrive with work ethic, determination, an ability to take direction and criticism. If we accept you, you can count on the fact that your portfolio, essay, and interview convinced us that you have potential. If you work hard and we work hard, we feel we can get you where you want to go.  

Visit us to see the work our students produce. Also learn more about our philosophy, and the success of our graduates!