Graduate Showcase 2022 – Animation

Welcome to our 2022 Graduate Showcase for our Animation program! What a year – our graduates have put in an incredible number of hours towards their final films, and we sure are proud of it – and of them!

You can also view the Graduate Showcase for our Concept Art students and Illustration students.

Jordan Marshall

Jordan is a story artist and animator with excellent craftsmanship and a strong understanding of film language. He produces solid animation and translates written story ideas into visual sequences with efficiency. This was demonstrated in his short film “Little Moments” which was the sole selection from Max the Mutt at TAAFI’s 2022 College Film Screening. He’s reliable, organized, and consistently strives to produce great work. He loves to collaborate and is eager to build upon his knowledge by learning from his co-workers and creative leads. Proficient in Storyboard pro, Harmony, Maya, and Photoshop.


Daniela Jung

She is a strong draftsman and has great ambition to continue improving her skillset. She is curious and interested in many things, but brings great focus when it is needed. She is a team player and good with communicating. She is efficient in her workflow and is fast to learn. In possible stressful situations, she stays optimistic and brings positive energy to the team. She shows great potential and is always eager to learn.

Stephanie Guerreiro

She is an aspiring 2D/3D animator with a love for storytelling. She is an ambitious and passionate artist with a strong sense of creativity and an eye for detail. She thrives in work environments where teamwork is encouraged but also enjoys working on her own individual projects. Her animation showcases an excellent understanding of acting and emotion, with added strengths in body mechanics and Lip sync. Her love for all aspects of animation is reflected strongly in her work and she is not afraid to adapt and take risks where needed. Her additional strength in concept work (especially character design) allows her to explore new and bright ideas that she can bring to her animation. Her openness to direction and criticism is what assists her in learning and growing as an artist.

Gerardo “Gerry” Fonseca

Professional dreamer and 3D Modeler. Gerardo “Gerry” Fonseca always wants to find a story behind everything. Curious by nature, he loves to investigate every ounce of information about how stuff is built and sculpted. Faith driven, and art guided, Gerry takes every step of his art journey with his chin up and a huge smile.


Maria Fernanda Sanchez Ocaña

Maria is a hard working 3D & 2D Artist, who specializes in Props and Backgrounds. She has a strong passion for structure and detail-oriented designs. Most of her inspiration comes from Japanese animation, fantasy, and fairy tales in general. She is a team player, adaptable to work in any situation, and has a great ability for time management.

Victoria A. Garcia Madera

Victoria is a great team player with thrilling skills for Animation, Character Design/Modeling and Storytelling. Creature designing, is her way of manifesting twisted ideas to the world. Comics have been a really big influence in how she developed her style. Tim Burton and Guillermo del Toro’s designs are a big inspiration to her. Films such as Malignant, Antlers and Hellboy inspire her to create iconic and memorable characters based on intricate backstories. She makes sure passion, dedication, and hard work are in every project she contributes.

Isha Viragi

Devon Cutfield

Melodie Litwin

Alina Ponce

Ozzie Turrell

June Yim

Joao Pedro Bernardo Da Rocha

Zeze Fisenk

Julie Pedro

Brent Van der Velde


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