Graduate Showcase 2022 – Illustration

Welcome to our 2022 Graduate Showcase for our Illustration program! We are so proud of the amazing work of this year’s graduates.

You can also view the Graduate Showcase for our Animation students and Concept Art students.

Zine Launch

Click on this link to view the cover of the zine made by our graduates: Zine Cover

Click on this link to view the zine: Zine

Illustration for Sequential Arts: Comic Books & Graphic Novels (3-Year)

Laura Spremo-Bain

A diligent artist, Laura wont let a day pass without honing her skill in one way or another. Meticulous and determined with a good sense of humour, she has a passion for cartooning and a knack for visual storytelling and pacing. She is very particular about her work and will not shy away from taking on new challenges and learning unfamiliar skills in order to get the perfect results for a piece. Laura is a skilled and dedicated illustrator who has many ideas to share and no plans of slowing down.


Roland Aftan

Roland is a hardworking Canadian designer who strives to reach for the top. He has strong values, composition for his inking pieces with powerful narratives in his environments. He is also a fast learner and connects well with his peers in a collaborative setting.

Illustration & Storytelling for Sequential Arts (4-Year)

Carolina Baumgarten

Carolina makes use of her keen coloring abilities and strong graphic sense to make bold and dynamic illustrations. Her passion lies in storytelling, especially character-focused narratives; her worlds are populated with intricate nostalgic details and a gripping atmosphere. She is great at working with a team.


Maria Michelman

Maria is a very hard worker, very passionate and puts her heart into every project she does. Her eye for colour is very eye catching, her patterns and attention to detail very intricate, and her environments are always well thought out and well executed. Her style is very whimsical and fantastical. Over all Maria is very easy to work with, very easy going and will take whatever steps necessary to meet her deadline and deliver the best product.

Wilfred Ng

Comics/sequential storytelling


Raahem Alvi

Raahem does extremely detailed inkwork, infusing traditional South Asian styles within fantastical illustrations. His colours bring in a touch of psychedelia to his surreal and dreamy compositions. He has a passion for telling stories which encapsulate his experiences within Pakistan and Canada- attempting to offer a unique and fantastical perspective on South Asian youth. He is a great communicator, extremely expressive and always offers ideas out of the box.

Taylor Winchester

Taylor Winchester is a Canadian-born artist living in Toronto. They specialize in Graphic novels, Cover Design, Children’s Illustrations, and Webcomics. They are a proud LGBTQ+ artist and they love to work on stories featuring characters in the community.

Jermaey Powell

Mackenzie Alcock

Manuela Otero Duque


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