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The rental market in Toronto is notoriously competitive, confusing and expensive. In order to make it a bit easier to navigate, MTM has put together a guide for you. We recommend that you also do your own research and due diligence when deciding where to live, but we will assist you in any way possible.

Although MTM does not have student residence, we do have a Housing Discord Channel within the Student Lounge. Students should consider joining when looking for housing near the school. It’s an important tool for our community and a great opportunity for students to meet with other students at the school.

If you come across any additional resources or have comments or reviews, please feel free to email studentsupport@maxthemutt.com

What to Expect

Renting a room in Toronto in a shared house can cost anything from $500
upwards (the current average is $750). This is dependent on location and
type of dwelling, amongst other things.
Whether you are signing a lease or subletting, landlords will usually expect
first and last month’s rent. This is in lieu of a security deposit. Most
landlords will require it to be a certified cheque or bank draft.
Leases are typically for 12 months and after that (unless a new lease is
signed), tenants automatically are considered to be ‘month-to-month’ –
meaning that you don’t generally need to commit. If you are renting a room
in a shared house, this time frame may not apply.
You may be asked for references and proof of enrollment. The office can
provide the proof of enrollment letter; please complete the
Student Request
and send it to registrar@maxthemutt.com
You may be asked to provide a credit check. You can do this yourself for
free at
Some rent may include utilities whilst others don’t. Water is automatically
included in rent; however, you may need to pay for Hydro, internet and
other utilities separately. It is important that you can budget for this.
You may be required to show proof of tenant insurance, however this is
often not asked for. Insurance is important though (even if you aren’t asked)

and some newer agencies such as Square and Sonnet offer competitive
Please be cautious about signing a lease and/or handing over money for a
rental you have not seen or been able to verify through someone you trust.
Landlords can’t evict you for having a pet, but they can refuse to rent to
you in the first place. If you’re renting in a condo, the Condominium rules
take precedence over the Residential Tenancies Act, so if the condo doesn’t
allow pets, you may find yourself being evicted.

Your Rights

Wherever you live, you should familiarise yourself with your rights as a tenant. Toronto currently has a strong set of rules that Landlords must follow, however it is up to you to realize if these rules are not being followed.



Community Housing Support near MTM College

The following links can help you if you have any questions regarding your rights or problems with a landlord.


Landlord and Tenant Board: http://www.sjto.gov.on.ca/ltb/

Ontario Human Rights Commission:



East York Housing Help Centre
1350 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J 1M9

Woodgreen Housing and Homelessness Services
650 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON, M4M 1G5

General Rental Search Resources

Facebook Marketplace
Apartment Corner 
Campus Common
RentCompass is the first and most popular service for finding rentals in Canada for student supports. Available on iPhone, iPad and Android

General Roommate Searches

Toronto Roommates

Student Homestay

A homestay provides an opportunity to stay with a local family for a fee. It’s an affordable accommodation alternative to just renting. In some cases, you pay a reduced monthly or weekly rental fee in exchange for some time spent helping around the house. In other cases, it’s simply a reasonable room rental cost within a larger household. Some families even provide limited food or groceries with the rental cost. Ensure you carefully read the rules for each homestay option to make sure they are the right choice for you and your lifestyle.

Home Stay IN
Toronto Home Share

Student Specific Accommodation Searches

Astoria Residence (265 Main Street)
Search 4 Student Housing
Toronto Rentals – Student Housing

Places4Students Partnered with 160+ Campuses across North America for student supports with their search with finding roommate(s) and/or apartments close to your school’s campus. The service is completely FREE for Students. They offer Live student supports with a ‘toll free’ number and a ‘Help’ link online. Check their website for more information.


Emergency Supports


For emergencies Call 911
City of Toronto Fire Prevention, or for Fire Prevention inquiries by telephone:
North Command (North York) 416-338-9150
East Command (Scarborough, East York) 416-338-9250
South Command (Toronto) 416-338-9350
West Command (York, Etobicoke) 416-338-9450
Website: City of Toronto Fire Prevention


For emergencies and crimes in progress Call 911
For general and non-urgent inquires Call 416-808-2222
Website: Toronto Police Service


Need an ambulance? Call 911

Distress & Others

Poison Information 416-813-5900
Distress Centre of Toronto 416-408-4357
Kids Helpline 1-800-668-6868
Parent Helpline 1-888-603-9100
Telecare Distress Centre Etobicoke 416-247-5426


Walk in Clinic

Location: 292 Main Street (Danforth Avenue & Main Street)
Phone: 416 699 3619

Toronto East General Hospital

Location: 825 Coxwell Avenue, Toronto, ON
Phone: 416-461-8272
Directions from School Map Link


Family Services

Family Service Toronto (FST) helps people face a wide variety of life challenges. For almost 100 years, they have been assisting families and individuals through counseling, community development, advocacy and public education programs. Their services are available to everyone who lives or works in Toronto.

Service Access Unit: 416-595-9618
Office: 416-595-9230
Fax: 416-595-0242
Email: sau@familyservicetoronto.org
Website: http://www.familyservicetoronto.org/
Address: 3202-128A Sterling Road, Toronto, ON, M6P 0A1
Location : Between Bloor and Dundas, 2 blocks west of Lansdowne Avenue (other locations in Scarborough, Etobicoke, Lakeshore, and North York)
Hours: Mon-Fri 9 am-5 pm * evening appointments available
Languages of service: English ; Italian ; Spanish ; Hungarian ; Portuguese ; Somali ; Hindi ; Chinese (Mandarin) ; Farsi ; Tamil ; Chinese (Cantonese) ; Edo ; not all languages available for all programs
Eligibility: Anyone living or working in City of Toronto, regardless of age, cultural background, race or sexual orientation, including children * particularly individuals and families with low incomes in need
How to apply: Call Service Access Unit 416-595-9618 to discuss available programs and arrange appointment
More information at: http://www.211toronto.ca/

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Emergency Department)

There is help : CAMH combines clinical care, research, education, policy development and health promotion to help transform the lives of people affected by mental health and addiction issues. WALK IN 24 hrs

Office: 416-979-6885
Fax: 416-979-6902
Website: http://www.camh.ca/en/hospital/Pages/home.aspx
Location: 250 College St., Toronto, ON M5T 1R8
Hours: Mon – Sun (24 hrs)
Languages: English, French – interpreters may be available for other language
How to apply: Walk – in (24 hrs)

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