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Traditional background painting course offered by Max the MuttThe Advanced Digital Background Painting workshop provides an in-depth study of the concept and design development processes for 2D animation and concept art. The course will introduce the industry standards and professional techniques for painting backgrounds and environments suitable for animated productions and concept designs. Advanced methods for editing artwork and working on a team will be studied and practiced through various assignments and painting styles.

The Digital Background Painting 2 workshop follows the introductory elements presented in Digital Background Painting with more intermediate and advanced techniques to utilize.



What is Background Painting?

  • Background painting is a versatile and grounding element to creating art and telling stories
  • Plays a pivotal role in setting mood, staging scenes, expanding worlds, and building dynamics
  • An essential element of animation, art, and design
  • Can aid in building an art based career

The 9 session workshop will cover the step by step process of developing a design, drawing a layout, painting an image, and organizing a file. 

Taking place Tuesdays, beginning July 5th from 6:00pm – 9:00pm EST via Google Meets. This workshop is aimed at individuals ages 13 and up who have a basis in colour theory and Photoshop and are looking to expand their understanding of those topics.


The activity for practice and demonstration will be done in Photoshop and will be suitable for a basic to intermediate level proficiency. The use of alternative graphic applications for digital painting (e.g. Clip Studio Paint, Procreate, Krita, or GIMP) is also acceptable. Trial versions are available for individuals to download and explore. Those who have registered must have Photoshop or an alternative program installed and ready to go prior to the start of the workshop. 

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Please note materials are not included in the cost of this workshop. This workshop requires Internet Access and will take place via Google Meetings/Hangouts. Sessions will be recorded and shared with participants.

  • Photoshop CC (earlier versions and alternatives like Krita, Clip Studio, Procreate and others are also acceptable)
  • Laptop or computer (for online learning), computer mouse, drawing tablet and stylus (digital pen)
  • External hard drive – recommended for backing up your work but not required

About the Instructor

Maya Ivanova instructor for digital background painting workshop at Max the Mutt

MAYA IVANOVA is an internationally trained architect whose 18-year work experience has taken her from designing buildings, interiors, and urban landscapes to painting for TV Productions.

As a 2D background artist, Maya has worked on the award-winning shows The Lion Guard and Tangled – The Series for the Walt Disney Company as well as on the Netflix productions Atomic Puppet, Hilda, Star, Captain Sinbad Bed and Breakfast, Canticos, Molly, Kid Cosmic and others.

For over 10 years Maya has been sharing her experience and passion for art with young and developing artists by teaching at her art studio, at The City of Toronto and currently at Max the Mutt College of Art, Design and Animation.

Through her courses, Maya introduces the concepts of special design, structural composition, aesthetics of colour and professional painting techniques in both traditional and digital media.


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