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Part 1: Sign up for Session 1, Session 2

Join us for a week-long intensive discovery into the fundamentals of
traditional hand-drawn animation. Together we’ll learn the same tools and
principles the pros use, dating all the way back to the early days of
Disney. We’ll start by learning key concepts such as squash and stretch,
timing, and spacing, while working our way to animating a walking
character by the end of the session. If you’re looking to join us for our
Digital Workshop in Part 2, this is a great introduction to get you

Part 2: Sign up for Session 3

Are you already familiar with some of the basics of 2D animation and
looking to take it to the next level? In Part 2 we’ll be bringing those
traditional animation skills to the digital realm using Toon Boom’s
industry professional software, Harmony. We’ll be starting with learning
its traditional drawing and animation features, then progressing with
computer interpolated movement, to finally creating, rigging, and
animating a fully created character. For those just starting their journey
into animation, Part 1 of our camp is highly recommended.


Part 1: When you sign up, please check the week you are taking. Part 1 starts July 9

NOTE: that the Animation  Part 1 Camp starting on July 16 is running but is SOLD OUT.

Part 2: When you sign up, please check July 30.

NOTE: that the Animation Part 2 Camp starting July 23 is running but is SOLD OUT!

Thank you.



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